Tracking your event tickets sales

For event planners, the work starts months before the event takes place and finishes long after the last attendee has left the premises. There are multiple aspects that you need to take into consideration, an event ticket sale is one of them.

If you want to understand better where your event ticket sales come from, there are two ways to collect this information.

1. Redirect customers to a designated “Thank You” page


Our registration software allows you to customize the customer journey, having the option to redirect customers on a designated thank you page each time a ticket sale has been successfully processed.

You can set up a custom Thank You page for each of your events. This option is available in Step 3 – Checkout Settings, where you can opt between keeping the default confirmation page or inputting a custom URL.

This option allows you to track the source of your event ticket sales based on the users that landed on this page. Furthermore, you can create separate audiences and create remarketing campaigns for online users that landed on the ticketing page but haven’t loaded the “Thank You” page.


2. Integrating Google Tag Manager 



If you want to dig deeper into your event ticket sales, you can rely on our GTM integration. This way, Oveit connects with your GTM account and sends useful information from different steps of the registration process. Events are set up according to GA4 eCommerce Measurement and track the purchase in 4 different steps, using data_layers to track what happens within the process, starting from the form embedded on your website.

The data layers are structured as follows:

– view_items_list (on the embed page)

– add_to_cart (tickets that were selected)

– begin_checkout (before clients are redirected to the payment processing page)

– purchases (data layer extracted from the confirmation page)

This integration allows you to collect data at different points and understand where/if your customers drop off once the process started.

Our efforts focus on delivering the event ticketing software that helps you before, during, and after your event. If you have any questions on how to use Oveit and better track your event ticket sales contact us directly and we will gladly help you set up everything you need.

How to claim your NFT ticket using the MetaMask mobile App


Are you planning on buying an NFT ticket for one of the upcoming events? This short tutorial is going to walk you through the process of minting it to your MetaMask mobile wallet.

We’ve put our effort into making selling and buying NFT tickets for events as simple as possible. Here is what you should know.

  1. Select the ‘Claim NFT‘/’Reserve tickets‘ button to begin the minting process. For free NFT tickets, input your email address and if required, complete the registration form. For paid NFT tickets, you’ll need to provide your Billing information either as an Individual or as a Company.


2. Once the order is confirmed, you’ll get redirected to our Thank you page which includes all the required details to import your NFT into the MetaMask mobile wallet. To claim it, scan the QR code which is located in the upper right corner of the confirmation page with your MetaMask mobile App.



3. In your MetaMask mobile App, select the NFTs tab to Turn on NFT detection in Settings. For that, first, you have to tick the ‘Enable OpenSea API’ for the ‘Autodetect NFTs’ option to become active.


4. Next, scan the QR code from the upper right corner of the confirmation page with your MetaMask mobile App.


5. Once scanned, select the ‘Connect Wallet’ option followed by ‘Connect MetaMask’. Next, select the ‘Tap to add Polygon network’ option (if you don’t have it already). Next, select the ‘Mint NFT to wallet’ option, and once minted, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us with the subject line ‘Yay, your NFT is minted!’.


6. Once you receive an email with the subject line ‘Yay, your NFT is minted!’, copy/paste the details from the below screenshot in your MetaMask App to import it.



7. Go back to the MetaMask App and select the Import NFTs option. Next, copy/paste the Smart contract address in the ‘Address’ field and the Token ID no. in the ID field. Select ‘Import’ and your NFT will be displayed under the NFTs tab in your MetaMask mobile App.

import-nfts-option-7Video tutorial – claiming your NFT ticket using the MetaMask mobile App

Need further assistance? Contact us.

How to sell tickets for crypto


Do you want to sell event tickets for crypto? You came to the right place. With Oveit, you can easily set up an event and allow your customers to buy tickets using cryptocurrencies. We’ve partnered up with the leading payment processors (for both fiat and cryptocurrencies) to allow our partners to safely sell tickets. All account plans come with a direct debit option, meaning the money will go straight into your account each time an order is placed. 


To sell tickets for crypto, you just need to:

  • Create an account with
  • Connect your Merchant Account
  • Set up an event, sell tickets, and receive funds instantly


Why sell tickets for crypto

There are more than 300 million crypto users worldwide, and the total available cryptocurrencies sum more than $1.8 trillion (Feb 2022). 

And the numbers are just growing as there are more than 18.000 companies (2021) that accept crypto payments for the products and services. People are starting to use cryptocurrencies in their daily activities, and allowing them to buy tickets for crypto will only help you reach a broader audience. 

As we can see, cryptocurrencies hold great purchasing power. And part of this power is distributed among your audience.


How to sell tickets for crypto

Selling tickets for crypto is easy. We’ve partnered up with, allowing you to easily accept cryptocurrency for your event tickets. You just need to connect your Merchant Account to your Oveit account (option available under Billing/Payment methods) and you are ready to receive crypto from your future attendees.



Setting up an event

Once you set up your account, you just need to set up the event and start selling tickets for crypto. We have prepared a complete guide that will show you everything there is to know about setting up your event on Oveit. But feel free to contact us directly if you need guidance. 

Getting started with was developed for content creators that want to share their work over the internet. Virtual events organizers, webinar creators, (online) yoga instructors and more can benefit from a powerful tool that allows them to easily share their work with followers from all over the world.

How does the platform work? is natively interconnected with Oveit. This integration allows you to sell access to your live or prerecorded content, without the need of a complicated set-up. 

Oveit is the tool that allows you to create your event and sell access to it. In just a few steps you can generate your event, set-up ticket categories, and sell access directly on your website. It has a direct debit feature, meaning that each time a customer places an order, the money will go straight into your account. You just need to connect your payment processor’s account.

print screen from Oveit's Dashboard - ticket categories


Once you create the event it automatically becomes available on as well. Dashboard - list of events


From here, after you select the Start option (don’t worry, the stream will not start at that moment) you will see some features destined exclusively for the online experience.


advanced setting for a online event


The permalink is the unique URL of your stream – this is the page from which your followers will access your online content. Don’t worry, if a viewer does not have the permalink of your event, they will be redirected on the landing page after the ticket code is entered. 

They just need to select the “I have a ticket” option: homepage


and enter the code available on the e-ticket they have received.




P.s. no worries, if a client lands on your event’s unique URL (stream link) but didn’t buy access yet, they can do it straight from there. By selecting “Buy access” the registration widget will pop up, allowing them to register without leaving the page.


Option to buy tickets available on is the platform that delivers the wonderful online experience. 

When you are ready to start broadcasting your work, log in into the platform, and select ‘Start”.

You will use one account for both Oveit and

The first step will allow you to activate the chat. 

Select Start (again) for the final settings. Here, you have two options from which you can choose the source of your video. Choose between:


settings available in the account - webcam and RTMP


Computer camera – allows you to stream content using the webcam of your device

RTMP – allows you to use a video editing software (read more)


Once you go live, attendees will have the option to chat, ask questions, and purchase products and services* (feature currently in the testing stage).




Want to find out more? Drop us a line.

Selling tickets on Eventbrite? Broadcast your content with

Technology’s mission is to make our day to day tasks simpler. To take a complicated process and to make it available at the touch of a button. As product developers, we always have two intentions when creating a new solution: to do something useful and at the same time easy to use. 

Over the last few months, as the pandemic forced event organizers to focus on creating virtual experiences, we have developed a streaming platform that allows content creators to monetize their digital work. is a virtual platform that enables content creators to sell access to their videos. Virtual attendees can easily buy a ticket and access the stream using the code of that ticket. landing page


By selecting the I have a ticket option, attendees can insert the ticket code and the system will automatically redirect them to the virtual event they have bought access to. is connected with Oveit, meaning all your events created on Oveit are, by default, available for streaming. 

The two platforms are synchronized, so nothing has changed when it comes up to event creation. You create and customize the event on Oveit, sell tickets on your website, and use (using the same access credentials) when you are ready to broadcast your content.


list of events available in


How does this work with Eventbrite? 

Oveit has integration with Eventbrite, meaning that events for which you sell tickets on can be imported into Oveit with just a click of a button. This action makes them available for streaming without the need for any complicated set-up. 


print screen from Oveit Dashboard


After selecting “Sync with eventbrite”, you will need to grant permission for the two systems to communicate. Then, the event will be automatically imported in your Oveit Dashboard, keeping all its original settings.


print screen from eventbrite - allow access to


Once the event is imported on Oveit it becomes available on as well. Virtual attendees can access it by entering the ticket code that was issued by Eventbrite. 


To summarize, in this case, Oveit works like a buffer between Eventbrite and It imports all the information and makes it available for streaming. With just a few clicks of a button.

Step1. Sell tickets on Eventbrite

Step 2. Log in into your Oveit and synchronize it with Eventbrite

Step 3. Log in on (using the same access credentials) and start your virtual event. 


How to sell tickets through Callpay

At Oveit, we know how important ticket income is for your event. This is why we have integrated multiple Payment Processors for the direct debit option – each time an order is placed, money goes straight into your account.

If you want to activate Callpay as your Payment Processor, here is what you need to do:

From “Payment Methods” you can activate your Callpay Integration. The system will require your API username and password.

Oveit Dashboard - Activate Callpay Integration

No worries, if you haven’t activated your API credentials. this tutorial will guide you through. It will also show you how to add your IPN URL – this helps the two systems communicate, making your life a lot easier.

Log in to your Callpay account. From the Dashboard, select API Users.



Create a new user.


Fill the fields, tick the Terms and Conditions option, and Create your new user.


Once you have created your new API user (or if you already have one), you will need to activate the Webhooks. This way Oveit and Callpay will properly communicate each time an order is confirmed, rejected, or refunded. 

In the same Dashboard, from the “Your account” option select “Settings”.


From the “Integration” dropdown, select the “Webhooks” option.


Here, you will have to fill the Payment Success Webhook, Payment Error Webhook, and Refund Web Hook fields with the following link: and Update.


Once your settings are updated you can go back to your Oveit Dashboard/Payment Methods and activate Callpay Integration.


Great! Now you can start selling tickets and money will go straight into your account.