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How do I set up an event?
Register for an account on our registration page and afterwards read through our step-by-step tutorial.
Can I use Oveit with members of my team?
Yes of course. We have a great "Team" option where you can invite members of your team and allow them to access specific areas (scanning, marketing, event management, financials and more).
Can I use both online and offline tickets for my event?
Yes, you can preprint and sell tickets offline, as well as online. Online purchased tickets can be either printed or brought on a smartphone or tablet. Both printed or digital tickets are scanned using the Oveit scanning app.
Do I need any special hardware to scan tickets?
Other than a smartphone, tablet or laptop - no? All these options can be used to scan tickets. We provide support for iOS as well as Android devices.
Is Oveit available in my country?
If you are reading this, yes :) . We process over 15 currencies. However - if you think there's something we could do better in your area - do contact us.
Can I use your tool for seated events?
Yes, of course. We have a great seating map feature that will save you time and effort. See here how you can set up a seated event.