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We love to help you start your event and that’s why we offer you our best feature in this free event registration software. That’s right – you can sell tickets and accept registration up to 300 visitors per event free of charge.

Our free event registration software is equipped with features that go beyond your expectations. We want to support you and your passion of building the best event possible and we know that the hardest part of building an event is getting started.

Start your free account now:

Here’s a little help from us: The free event registration tool for in-person and online events. There’s no limit to the number of events or ticket categories that you can set up. The only limit – the 300 free event registrants per event. The basic, yet vital features are all packed here: event registration and follow-up, ticket scanning, instant event payments, reporting, and more, all available as a gift from us. We are sure that you will find this more than helpful, like thousands of other event planners that have opted for the free version. 

Using Oveit you will be joining thousands of event planners from all over the world. It’s easy to use, customizable and does all the hard work for you. You focus on delivering the ultimate experience. Oveit takes care of registration, ticketing, invoicing, and payments. These all run smoothly in the background, helped by our free event registration software. 

You can start right away. Create your account and start registration in a moment. If you want to receive payments, just connect your payment processor. Setting up your event registration is easy. Selling tickets – even easier.

Our free plan will stay free. It’s our pledge to the event community. We packed some amazing features. See the highlights below.

Take a look around for free! When you are ready, you can test the platform at its full event ticketing capabilities. Oveit is created to allow you to sell online tickets, and now it makes it easier for your to sell NFT tickets as well.

Here's what you get with
Oveit's free event ticketing and registration app:

Free event registration & ticketing

The registration process is simple and easy to set up. It follows a few steps that makes it easy for you to set up an event and its registration options. It features general information such as event name, date and location details, registration cost (ticketing), forms, follow up details and a preview before you go live.

If you want to receive payments you can do this via a secure integration with your Stripe or PayPal account. You can even receive crypto-payments through a account.

As an event planner you want to know your guests as much as possible. With our event registration forms, it’s easy to set up a data collection pipeline. Your guests fill in their details and you see results in real time. If needed you can export the data and use it in your favourite tools such as Salesforce or Mailchimp.

Mobile apps make it easy to check ticket authenticity. This way you can quickly check visitors in and see details regarding their ticket category. Ticket check-in data is registered in real time so you know exactly how many people have registered, how many have checked in and when.

Whenever you sell something, an invoice or receipt needs to be issued, together with the follow up email confirming purchases. Oveit does this automatically for you and your visitors.

Last but definitely not least – you want to know what’s happening within your event. Real time reports show you the full story. How many tickets have you sold, what are the best sellers and what’s the revenue you are generating? It all leads to better event planning and better cashflow.

Event registration software
mobile apps scanning electronic tickets

Electronic Tickets

What is an electronic ticket?

The electronic ticket, commonly known as an e-ticket, is the digital representation of the classic paper ticket. Modern systems generate e-tickets that can be used without needing to print them on paper. For the events industry, e-Tickets are now the most common registration solution.

This is where it all starts. You will have access to our event registration software, allowing customers to register to your experiences with just a few clicks of a button. e-Tickets will be automatically sent to their email addresses, attached to a fully customisable follow-up email. 

e-Ticketing is the best way to support registration for your free or paid events, regardless of how you plan to deliver the experience: in-person or online. From the comfort of their homes, future guests will easily register, pay, and receive their tickets and all the needed information. The experience is optimised for all devices, with focus on mobiles, making the registration as flawless as possible.

Each ticket consists of an unique QR code and is delivered in both .pdf and .png format and ready to be digitally scanned. Yes, there’s no need for them to print the tickets on paper, the digital version can be easily scanned. If you are hosting a virtual event, access codes can be embedded in the follow up email.

You have full control over how the tickets are created and used at your events. Each check in is registered by the system, meaning a ticket cannot be used more than once – unless you decide so.

At the end of the event you see exactly when and who checked in so you can better prepare for your future events.

When you are planning your marketing and event registration it helps sales to create special offers for special groups. You can get creative with our vouchers by generating or importing voucher codes. The codes can be percentage based or fixed value, they can be applied to all events you are planning or just a specific one. They can even be used for a specific ticket, within a specific event.

Security and privacy

We know security and privacy are important for you. It’s also very important to us as well. We make sure your connection to our website is encrypted, and our global content delivery network is set up with multiple layers of protections to enable you to focus on building a great business.

You can expect a 99.99% uptime in our services, with fast and reliable usage. Free does not mean cheap by any means. We care about your efforts and strive to deliver your event registration as fast as possible to customers all over the world.

We never rent or sell your data or your visitors information. We take privacy very seriously and you can see the details in our privacy policy.

Payment information like card details are never stored on our server. These information is securely processed by third party payment services such as PayPal or Stripe. All of our payment processing companies adhere to payment industry standards such as PCI DSS.

Secure event registration software

Some of our users:

Direct payments for event registration

Direct Payments for event ticketing and registration

We have integrated the world’s most secure payment processors, allowing our users to benefit from a direct debit feature. So each time a customer places an order, the money will go straight into your account. Why? Because we know how important cash flow is, and we want you to benefit from your income, no matter if they buy the tickets 10 days or 10 months prior to the event.

Your free account supports PayPal and Stripe, both supporting Direct Debit. No coding is required when connecting it, we’ve made it as simple as possible. You create your account, activate your payment processors, publish your event and start receiving money. It’s that simple. 

Both payment processors will allow your customers to pay using credit or debit cards, no prior account within the solution is required for your visitor. All of their financial information is processed with the platforms, in a secured environment. We do not process nor store credit information. All needed information is processed by the authorised payment processors.

Registration Forms

What are the most common registration fields?

  • Text field. Used to collect short information, like the name of the attendee, employer, job title, or phone number.
  • Multi-line text field. Used for answering questions asked by the event organized. 
  • E-mail address. Used to collect email addresses from the attendees and also to verify the format of the information.
  • Date. Used when the answer to a specific question needs to have a valid date format.
  • Dropdown list. Used to collect feedback for questions with predefined answers. Commonly used to collect information regarding the interest of the attendees for content sessions.
  • File upload. Used to verify eligibility for registration sessions. Attendees need to upload specific documents that validate their eligibility.
  • Checkbox. Used, in general, to ask for further communication consent.


Each time a participant places an order, our system will automatically collect the billing information. We collect the information, issue and deliver the invoice, and aggregate all this billing information into readable reports. But what if you want more than just billing information?

Our free event registration software allows you to set up customisable registration forms. This is incredibly useful if you want to better understand your guests. The registration forms are connected to the tickets, meaning that data can be collected from each participant. They can be set up as optional or mandatory, in which case the registration process will not be available without filling out the information. You can set up text fields, e-mail addresses, dropdown menus for multiple selection or even options for your attendees to upload files.

You can use this feature to grow your database. But please make sure that you ask for their consent if you plan to send future marketing emails. Want to better understand their demographics? Set up registration fields for age groups, location, or even education.

Are your visitors part of middle management teams of large corporations or local entrepreneurs? This type of information is crucial for further communication, set-up, tone of voice or building successful partnerships. And using a smart (and free) event registration software you can easily collect the data.

Event registration forms
Ticket addons that live on your mobile phone

Free event checkin apps

Our free event registration software gives you access to free IOS and Android mobile apps designed to easily check-in attendees for in-person events. With this feature, there is no need for third party, expensive hardware, event planners were used to. Just download the app into your day to day smartphone, log-in, scan attendees and check them in.

It’s crucial to have a fast check-in process. For part of your audience, this is their first in-person interaction with you and your staff. Just make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you have downloaded the app(s) from App Store and Google Play.

It’s very important to see who attended your event and who didn’t. By checking in the attendees (the process is very straight forward), you will have access to detailed reports. This way, you can adapt your after-event follow up message based on this information. 

Thank the ones that showed up and ask for their feedback. Find out what they really loved and where you should focus more.

Try to find out why some of your guests didn’t make it to the event. Maybe you can offer them discounts for future events or access to recorded content. They are part of your community now and although they couldn’t make this time they can take part in future experiences.

This customised communication is highly recommended and will definitely be appreciated by the community.

Automated invoicing

When having hundreds of orders placed for an event, Invoicing simply cannot be a manual process. Actually, Invoicing should never be done manually – but maybe this is just us…

One of the first features that we integrated in our event registration software was automated invoicing – each time a customer buys access for an event, an invoice is automatically issued and sent by our platform on your behalf. 

When setting up your account, from the Billing option, you will be able to set up your company or individual information. Our system will allow you to set up Invoices Series, making sure that Invoices generated by our system do not overlap with other invoices that your company issues. 

If you are not VAT exempt enter your VAT number and rate. This way, VAT will be automatically added to the price that you set up in the system and it will accordingly displayed on the invoices. It’s all been taken care of. 

To help you even further, all invoices issued by our event registration software are available for download in .pdf format. This way you can easily share this information with the rest of your team.

Automated invoicing for event registrations
Discount vouchers for events

Discount Vouchers

What is a discount voucher?

A discount voucher or code is an incentive that reduces the total price of an order. When applied, it takes a given percentage(e.g. 20%) or amount (e.g. $25) of a customer’s total order. Common, yet not limited to, the retail and event management industries.

From the data that we have collected we have noticed that Discount Vouchers are used for more than 90% of events. And it’s easy to understand why: we all have partners, suppliers or sponsors for which we create special offers. But at the same time, in order not to alter the data, we want them to follow the standard registration process. This is where our Vouchers option comes in handy.

With Oveit, you can set up vouchers that are percentage or amount based. So, when offering a discount, you can choose if a voucher cuts 80% from the price of the ticket; or just $27.5. Or any other percentage or amount. You can select if a specific discount applies to any of your events, or just for a specific one. Or you can go in even more depth and select the exact ticket category for which it applies. And its validity period.

Once you have set up the ground rules for the vouchers, you can create, generate, or import discount codes. This will allow you to have an exact understanding on how the codes are used. Each individual code can have as many uses as you would like. Or unlimited uses. 

Using Discount Vouchers for your event will not only allow you to create customised offers for partners, sponsors, or custom campaigns. It will also help to keep an exact track of how these discounts are used and how your campaigns are performing.

Real time reporting

Why is reporting important?

Reports communicate in an organised format data that was compiled from various sources. They focus on displaying information with a clear purpose, allowing decision-makers to take actions based on relevant information.

Our solution not only makes everything fully automated. It also collects all the data and makes it easy to read. Reports are important not only to understand how your event and business are performing, but also for forecasts, marketing plans, budget adjustments and more. Data will help you take better business decisions, there’s no secret here. 

From our Dashboard, you can easily view and download sales reports, placed orders, attendees data and invoices. Our graphs will show you how your sales are performing. The reports will allow you to combine and customize the data, adapting the information to your needs. 

All the information is just a click of a button away. As a tech company, we know the importance of relevant reporting. And we want to empower our partners to use data for their benefit. 

Real time reporting

Use our free event registration software and sell in the Oveit marketplace

We want to make sure that once tickets are up for sale, the registration form is available 24/7. Oveit will generate a special landing page for your event, making sure that people can buy tickets without encountering any technical issue. 

Our marketplace gives you a place where people can interact with your event even if you don’t have a website designed to do this. You can share its personalised URL on email and over the main social media platforms. Customers will land on a fully responsive webpage, customised by you, and will place their orders in a secured environment. 

With this feature, you will never have to worry about customers that are not able to register. It’s always on and running. Just share your event link and let our free event registration software do its magic.

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Five star event registration rating

"Great app, stellar customer support"

Laura B.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Internet, 11-50 employees

"We have tried several event management systems for the conferences & workshops our NGO organizes (30 to 400 participants per event). We've used even some of the most praised apps out there. Trouble was that none of them was quite up to par with the set of features we needed (website embedding for the event registration form, customer vouchers, mobile app for check-in, payment integration and a couple more). Oveit came as an awesome surprise."

Five star event registration rating

"Excellent service and really easy to integrate"

Peter C.
Information Technology and Services

"The simplicity and customer care of Oveit is fantastic. It is the easiest tool by far for ticketing to integrate to your site."

Five star event registration rating

"Quick uptake and easy customisation, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch !!"

Townson T.
Online ticket sales

"Saved time by not having to assign seats and allowed patrons to choose their seats."