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Support Staff asked 7 years ago

How do I set up a promotional discount code for my event?

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Support Staff answered 7 years ago


Here is a step-by-step guide for you:

From Oveit dashboard select “vouchers”.
Oveit dashboard menu

And from the Vouchers Menu select “New voucher”

Oveit Vouchers Menu

Here you will create your personalized voucher and add discount codes.

First, enter the name of the voucher and its value (you can select either percentage or amount).

Oveit New Voucher menu

After you have entered the name and value select the period for which you want it to be active and the event/ticket category for which it will be used.

Oveit New Voucher menu - selecting the event

Afterward, you just need to create the discount codes. Use can manually create them, import them,  or automatically generate them.


Now you can manually change the number of uses for each individual code.


Make sure you save your new discount voucher before you leave the page.


Your partners can now use the new discount codes you have so easily created.