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How do I set up a promotional discount code for my event?

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This step-by-step guide will equip you with the knowledge to create and manage discount vouchers within the Oveit event management platform. Discount vouchers, represented by unique codes, allow you to offer attendees reduced pricing for conferences or other events you host.


  1. Accessing the Voucher Management Section:

Begin by logging into your Oveit dashboard.

Locate and select the “Vouchers” section within the Oveit interface.




  1. Creating a New Voucher:

From the “Vouchers” menu, click on “New Voucher” to initiate the voucher creation process.

Oveit Vouchers Menu


  1. Defining Voucher Details:

Here, you can personalize your voucher by assigning a descriptive name.

Choose the discount type: either a percentage or a fixed amount to be deducted from the ticket price.

Oveit New Voucher menu


  1. Setting Voucher Parameters:

Define the validity period for your voucher, specifying the start and end dates.

Select the specific event(s) or ticket category(ies) to which the voucher applies.

Oveit New Voucher menu - selecting the event


  1. Generating Discount Codes:

Oveit offers three convenient methods for generating discount codes:

Manually create custom codes for greater control.

Upload a pre-existing list of codes for efficient import.

Utilize the automatic generation feature for a quick solution.


* The import function allows you to upload a preexisting list of discount codes, together with the maximum number of uses for each. The file needs two columns: one with the actual discount code and another with the number of uses you want to allow for that particular code.


  1. Managing Code Usage:

Oveit allows you to customize the number of times each code can be used.



  1. Saving and Using Your Voucher:

Ensure you save your newly created voucher before exiting the page.

Share the generated discount codes with your partners or attendees for them to redeem their reduced-price tickets.



By following these steps, you can effectively leverage Oveit’s discount voucher functionality to incentivize event registrations and attract a wider audience.