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Free up to 300 visitors/event.
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This plan includes:

✅  Free event registration & ticketing up to 300 visitors

✅  Custom event registration forms

✅  Issue electronic tickets

✅  Box office ticketing

✅  Billing and invoicing

✅  Ticket scanning app

✅  Direct and instant payments

✅  Promotional vouchers and invite codes

✅  Real time reporting

1  staff account

2 checkin accounts included

Everything you need to sell tickets online. See what you get
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Details on our free event ticketing software

PRO plan

Sell tickets and accept registrations.
Instant payout. 130 currencies + crypto.
Unlimited visitors. Automate your event
Integrate custom apps. Starting at $199/mo

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This plan includes:

Starter plan


✅   Dedicated support
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✅  No limit on number of visitors

✅  Smart Badges and Wearables
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✅  Ticket add-ons
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✅  Smart ticketing
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✅  Seating maps

Conversion rate optimization
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✅  Video ticketing

✅  Box office sales
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Everything you need to sell tickets online & at the box office. See all features included + the extended features and pricing list:

Extended features list for our event ticketing software

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What makes Oveit the best way to sell tickets online?

More than 4000 event professionals use Oveit. It’s simple to use and offers all features you can think of and many that you didn’t know existed. From selling tickets, to collecting visitor data, from virtual and hybrid events to cashless payments, Oveit is the right platform for the job.

We stand behind our claim that Oveit is revolutionary for event and venue ticketing. That’s why we created a revolutionary plan: the free event ticketing plan. That is right – you only start paying if and when your event go beyond 300 attendees or you need more advanced features.

In order to accept payments on Oveit you will need to use a payment processor to receive payments instantly, in your account. For this, we have partnered with Stripe & PayPal. These companies will charge a certain percent for your event ticketing transactions. For plans above the Professional Plan, you can also accept crypto-payments, trough a integration.

Customer reviews

Leonor Guedes

Event Manager, Pioneers

“Our partnership with Oveit was very smooth and effortless. We were very please with the end result.The software made our registration process easier, more accurate and we were able to gather more reliable data about our event.“

Smooth and effortless

Matt Hammond

Marketing Director at Dom Perignon

“ Without the support that Oveit's team offered the event would not have been possible. With a complex time slot management across a number of days as well as adhering to brand guidelines made it incredibly hard to find a plug and play solution.“

Oveit's bespoke around the clock support made it possible!

Townson Tsai

Online ticket sales

“ Ability to search using multiple inputs to find purchase. Ease of refund and flexibility for orders. Easy to upscale or downscale quickly. Very quick to master the software and the documentation for billing purposes was very good. Pricing was excellent and Paypal link was very easy. “

Quick uptake and easy customization, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch!

Oveit is a 5 star solution as reviewed by our customers:

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