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Oveit User Staff asked 5 years ago

Can I add a new user to my account?

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Alex Pana Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes, with Oveit you can add new users to your account and select personalized permissions for them.
To do that, from Dashboard, select “Team/Sent Invitations“.

Oveit event management software dashboard print screen - Team/Send invitation

You can either Create or Import new users.


If you select the “Import users” option the system will guide you on how to customize the file:

import-usersIf you select the “Create user” option, you will have a list of predefined users that you can generate:


  • Event editor – Can create and edit events
  • Event checkin staff – Can scan tickets, check-in attendees, and pair RFID/NFC tags at the event
  • Top up point – Can top up virtual wallets at the event
  • Vendor – Can debit virtual wallets at the event
  • Transaction viewer account – Has read-only access to balance and transaction history of virtual wallets



and a Custom user that allows you to manually select the permissions.