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Oveit User Staff asked 1 year ago

Can I add a new user to my account?

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Alex Pana Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes, with Oveit you can add new users to your account and select personalized permissions for them.
To do that, from Dashboard, select “Team/Sent Invitations“.

Oveit event management software dashboard print screen - Team/Send invitation

After you select “Invite User

Oveit event management software Send invite option


the list of permissions will be displayed. Select the permissions that you want to grant to the new user and enter the email address where the activation link will be sent.

selecting permissions for a new user with Oveit - event management software
When clicking the activation link the new user will be redirected to the “create user” page where he/she should: select a username (that should take the form of an email address, but it doesn’t need to be a valid email address; ex: and a password, accept the “User agreement” and hit “Create account“.

creating new user on Oveit event management software