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Usually, the NFT minting process requires our users to at least input their email addresses to obtain their NFTs. Based on each Oveit account owner, NFTs can be issued by generating unique URLs, where no personal information is collected rather than the buyer’s wallet address which is anonymous.

How does it work?

The Oveit account owner should get in touch with one of our customer success representatives to share the upcoming project and establish the best way to proceed further. If a particular project involves issuing NFTs without collecting any personal data, the account owner simply needs to upgrade the Oveit account to our NFT Ticketing plan. A unique smart contract will be deployed for that particular account and the NFT feature will be available in STEP 2 -> Ticket Categories. By enabling it, they’ll have the option to upload a single artwork/ticket category, or an entire collection/ticket category. The supported formats of the artwork are JPEG; PNG and GIF. Next, simply choose the relevant artwork from your device’s memory and upload it within that ticket category.

How do we make sure that no data is collected? 

Well, thanks to our developers, we have a script that is trained to generate an unlimited number of unique URLs where attendees can mint their NFTs by simply following a step-by-step guide that is part of that confirmation page. The only information that needs to be provided is the wallet address, once again, this information is anonymous and there is no way for us to link it with an individual.

Unique URL format:


This is what the confirmation page may look like:


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