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At Oveit we believe NFT ticketing is a transformative technology for events, tourism and leisure. Start now and transform the way you sell tickets build your community with NFT tickets.

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Sell NFT tickets for your events

Your event tickets are so much more than just access codes. They are the gateway to an unforgettable experience that now can be tokenized and held forever. Why should you tokenize your event tickets?

NFT tickets are digital assets that hold access credentials and unique perks for your events. These assets can make the subject of further transactions, allowing you to easily generate new revenue streams for yourself and your community.


Sell NFT tickets for your events

Your event tickets are so much more than just access codes. They are the gateway to an unforgettable experience that now can be tokenized and held forever. Why should you tokenize your event tickets?

NFT tickets are digital assets that hold access credentials and unique perks for your events. These assets can make the subject of further transactions, allowing you to easily generate new revenue streams for yourself and your community.

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Sell NFT tickets securely

Being built on blockchain technology, the tokenized tickets can be easily sold while still securing your future revenue from each transaction. No more issues related to fraud or attendee identification. NFT tickets are securely exchanged, allowing their buyers and issuers their entire history.

nft tickets aftermarket

Tap into the aftermarket sales with NFT tickets

Each ticket has its unique record, enhanced each time it's part of a transaction. You can earn even after the first ticket sale. A collector can easily verify the authenticity and buy not just the ticket, but also the digital creatives that may come along with it.

Sell NFT tickets together with merchandise

Your NFT tickets can hold unique perks, created especially for your events. But now you have a way of transforming unique moments into digital assets, allowing your community to actually own the experience. Imagine selling custom-designed t-shirts for your events. Besides the physical item, customers can purchase the digital drawing of it, allowing them to have a digital, collectible item and proof of its authenticity. Furthermore, these collectibles can be resold in a secure manner, allowing the artist to receive a small cut each time the asset changes hands.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital records that can’t be altered or changed. They represent physical or digital assets (basically any item that you can imagine, like a pair of snickers, an event ticket, a song, a video, etc.) and hold proof of the item’s entire history.

Being stored on a blockchain network (ledger) means their authenticity and ownership are secured and can be easily verified. Each digital record can include a small program that acts as a smart contract for future transactions. So the item itself can be programmed to share revenue from future transactions with its creators, initial owners, or even third parties. 

WEB3 Ticketing

NFT ticketing unlocks unlimited possibilities

As we are rapidly moving towards Web 3.0 (or Metaverse), digital assets are becoming more and more valuable. Companies are developing unique digital assets that can be used or sold through digital worlds, enriching the customer’s online experience. Physical goods are connected with their unique digital representations that can be stored and transacted both together or independently. Create NFT tokenized tickets that allow attendees access to both in-person and digital experiences. Enrich the experience with forever lasting digital assets that will continue to bring in royalty long after the event is over.

  • Create experiential art with your tickets;
  • Allow your fans to really own the experience you create;
  • Earn recurring revenue as the ticket NFTs are resold, even after the event is done;
  • Bridge online and in-person events with collectible tokens;
  • Join the Web3 revolution and create the next big thing in experiences
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Frequently asked questions

Questions about getting started with NFT tickets

We are happy to answer any question you might have about NFT tickets. We know blockchain technology might be a bit daunting at times but with Oveit you have a partner that is always happy to help. Here are some of the questions we have received about NFT tickets and how to get started:

What is the cost of minting and selling NFT tickets?

This is one of the most common question we are receiving. With recent increases in NFT minting and transaction gas costs, it’s normal. However, our technology of choice is Polygon, one of the most cost effective blockchain technologies. You should expect a gas fee of under 5 cents per ticket minting or transactions.

Can NFT tickets be purchased with fiat currency?

Yes, NFT tickets can be purchased with both fiat and crypto currencies through Oveit. We’ve partnered with PayPal, Stripe and to help you sell NFT tickets easily and receive payments instantly.

Which wallets are compatible with Oveit’s NFT tickets?

We run on the ERC1155 standard. This standard is accepted by most wallets. A few examples are MetaMask, Fortmatic, Portis, TokenPocket, Torus, Wallet Connect, Bridge Wallet, Math Wallet, Alpha Wallet. Additionally you can check a full list here.

Can I integrate NFT tickets sales on my website?

Yes, you can either use Oveit’s marketplace sales or you can use our embed feature to provide NFT tickets sales on your own website.

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What else can I do with Oveit?

Event registration & ticketing

The registration process is simple and easy to set up. It follows a few steps that makes it easy for you to set up an event and its registration options. It features general information such as event name, date and location details, registration cost (ticketing), forms, follow up details and a preview before you go live.

If you want to receive payments you can do this via a secure integration with your Stripe or PayPal account. You can even receive crypto-payments through a account.

As an event planner you want to know your guests as much as possible. With our event registration forms, it’s easy to set up a data collection pipeline. Your guests fill in their details and you see results in real time. If needed you can export the data and use it in your favourite tools such as Salesforce or Mailchimp.

Mobile apps make it easy to check ticket authenticity. This way you can quickly check visitors in and see details regarding their ticket category. Ticket check-in data is registered in real time so you know exactly how many people have registered, how many have checked in and when.

Whenever you sell something, an invoice or receipt needs to be issued, together with the follow up email confirming purchases. Oveit does this automatically for you and your visitors.

Last but definitely not least – you want to know what’s happening within your event. Real time reports show you the full story. How many tickets have you sold, what are the best sellers and what’s the revenue you are generating? It all leads to better event planning and better cashflow.

Event registration software
oveit pay cashless payments

Oveit Pay – cashless payments for events and venues

Oveit Pay is a solution designed for growing events and venues that want to create a cashless payments ecosystem. With Oveit Pay you can onboard vendors and allow your guests to topup credit and pay using digital wallets. Digital wallets are stored on NFC/RFID wristbands and cards and can be accessed with a simple tap.

We provide cashless payments solutions for global events and venues that increase revenue by 30 to 60% and improve user experience, within and outside their venues.

We focus on helping you increase in-venue purchases, increase your revenue and improve the visitors’ experiences. With Oveit you can set up multiple online and physical credit top-up points, multiple vending points (including external vendors), as well as track purchases throughout your venue or event.

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Sell like a pro with our leading live commerce software is our live shopping events tool. Whether you are selling tickets, goods or even NFTs you can do this live, in front of your audience.

At 9% median conversion rate, live shopping is the fastest growing commercial channel. Use our to connect with your audience and establish trust. Selling products becomes fun and engaging.

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Direct payments for event registration

Direct Payments for event ticketing and registration

We have integrated the world’s most secure payment processors, allowing our users to benefit from a direct debit feature. Sell in fiat or crypto and accept payments immediately. Each time a customer places an order, the money will go straight into your account. Why? Because we know how important cash flow is, and we want you to benefit from your income, no matter if they buy the tickets 10 days or 10 months prior to the event.

Each account supports PayPal and Stripe, both supporting Direct Debit. PRO accounts also support crypto payments with No coding is required when connecting it, we’ve made it as simple as possible. You create your account, activate your payment processors, publish your event and start receiving money. It’s that simple. 

Both payment processors will allow your customers to pay using credit or debit cards, no prior account within the solution is required for your visitor. All of their financial information is processed with the platforms, in a secured environment. We do not process nor store credit information. All needed information is processed by the authorised payment processors.

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Five star event registration rating

"Great app, stellar customer support"

Laura B.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Internet, 11-50 employees

"We have tried several event management systems for the conferences & workshops our NGO organizes (30 to 400 participants per event). We've used even some of the most praised apps out there. Trouble was that none of them was quite up to par with the set of features we needed (website embedding for the event registration form, customer vouchers, mobile app for check-in, payment integration and a couple more). Oveit came as an awesome surprise."

Five star event registration rating

"Excellent service and really easy to integrate"

Peter C.
Information Technology and Services

"The simplicity and customer care of Oveit is fantastic. It is the easiest tool by far for ticketing to integrate to your site."

Five star event registration rating

"Quick uptake and easy customisation, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch !!"

Townson T.
Online ticket sales

"Saved time by not having to assign seats and allowed patrons to choose their seats."

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