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Build  experiences with Oveit

Sell tickets for your events and venues and easily accept crypto payments from your community. Create your account, set up your events, sell tickets, and get paid instantly.

With Oveit you can create the experience everyone will talk about without having to worry about getting paid. We’re taking care of technical stuff. Just relax and take full advantage of the benefits of being paid in crypto.

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Why accept crypto payments for events and venues?

✔️ Easy to implement

✔️ Lower fees than traditional payment methods

✔️ Instant payments from anywhere in the world

✔️ Access to new customers

✔️ Extra security layer for you and your attendees

✔️ Choose how you want to get paid: crypto or fiat

NFT royalty distribution

Get paid in crypto – video presentation

security nft tickets

Sell tickets

Sell electronic and NFT tickets for your events and venue and select how you want to get paid. With Oveit you get instant payouts in both fiat and crypto currencies.

Ticket add-ons

Create ticket add-ons and let your attendees create their own experiences. Add multiple entries, special access, goods or services to your event tickets to enrich the experience.

Get paid instantly

Cashless payments

Set up a cashless payment system to get access to a new revenue stream. Handle payments and let your customers pay with fiat and crypto.

accept crypto payments for events and venues

Accept crypto payments and get access to new customers

Cryptocurrencies gain more traction with each passing day. More users, from all over the world, are using them to pay for goods and services. By allowing your attendees to pay with both fiat and cryptocurrencies, you will gain instant access to new audiences and grow your community.

We’ve made it easy to accept crypto payments for your events and venues. No complicated setups. We’ve partnered up with some of the biggest crypto payment processors. This allows you to instantly accept over 30 cryptocurrencies from almost anywhere in the world.

Organizing your event takes months of hard work. We know that. That’s why it’s important for you to have instant access to your money. Cash flow will often make or break a business. With Oveit, there’s nothing standing between you and your community. Our system runs on direct debit for both fiat and cryptocurrencies and you can start getting paid right away. Pick a payment processor in our platform and you can accept crypto payments immediately.

When you’re organizing events with thousands (or tens of thousands) of attendees, you need to be ready to scale. And at the same time, to offer different registration options for your community. Not all clients are the same and not everybody uses the same payment methods. 

With Oveit, you can scale your events without having to worry about the technical aspects. We offer a simple copy-and-paste embed option – so the registration takes place on your website, while we take care of processing the information. Start accepting crypto payments for your events or venue today.

Accept crypto payments for 

Electronic tickets

Oveit is an event ticketing and registration software that puts you in full control. With a simple copy-and-paste implementation you can embed the entire process of your website, accepting crypto payments on your platform. Customize the experience, allow customers to easily register and pay for your event, and get instant access to detailed reports and consumer data.

Ticket addons that live on your mobile phone
NFT ticketing artwork

NFT tickets

The future of ticketing is NFT ticketing – you’ll hear us say it a lot. We’re helping our partners upgrade their events to #web3 with NFT tickets. Transform your event or venue tickets into programmable digital assets that bridge offline and online experiences. Enrich them with unique digital artworks, transform them into cherished collectibles and get access to new revenue streams with perpetual royalties. 

Ticket add-ons and perks 

With Oveit, tickets become much more than simple access codes. Each ticket can include special add-ons and perks, helping your customers create their personal experiences within your events. A ticket issued with Oveit becomes a powerful digital wallet that can include: multiple check-ins, access to designated areas, merchandise, digital goods or services, or an event balance that can be spent within your experiences. And your customers can pay with crypto for all of the above.

NFT tickets addons
Cashless payments wallets for festival QR Code

Cashless payments system

Turn your event or venue into a vibrant economy with Oveit Pay. Allow visitors to top up credit, invite vendors to accept payments, and control the entire ecosystem with our event management tool. With Oveit Pay you get instant access to real-time data showing what your attendees are really interested in while allowing them to pay for goods or services in a safe manner while allowing you to accept crypto payments from your guests.

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Leonor Guedes

Event Manager, Pioneers

“Our partnership with Oveit was very smooth and effortless. We were very please with the end result.The software made our registration process easier, more accurate and we were able to gather more reliable data about our event.“

Smooth and effortless

Matt Hammond

Marketing Director at Dom Perignon

“ Without the support that Oveit's team offered the event would not have been possible. With a complex time slot management across a number of days as well as adhering to brand guidelines made it incredibly hard to find a plug and play solution.“

Oveit's bespoke around the clock support made it possible!

Townson Tsai

Online ticket sales

“ Ability to search using multiple inputs to find purchase. Ease of refund and flexibility for orders. Easy to upscale or downscale quickly. Very quick to master the software and the documentation for billing purposes was very good. Pricing was excellent and Paypal link was very easy. “

Quick uptake and easy customization, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch!