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Are you looking for an event ticketing software that allows you to focus on what matters the most? If that’s the case, you are in the right place! 

No matter if you host an in-person or a virtual event, our solution is equipped with the right tools to make your life easier. Forget about managing your events manually and let our event ticketing software automate the whole process for you. Ranging from electronic tickets to native IOS & Android check-in apps, Oveit is here to step up your game in terms of ticketing and event management.

Our Event Ticketing Software is designed to help you deliver a frictionless registration process. All the needed features, combined in a powerful, yet easy to use, solution.

Oveit is used to sell tickets all over the world. Our partners choose it because it is flexible, allowing you to customize the whole customer journey. It’s easy to start with, and very straightforward when it comes to payments. Each time a customer places an order, money goes straight into your account. You can start selling tickets in less than 10 minutes and get paid today.

Our different pricing plans make it perfect for festivals with tens of thousands of visitors. But also for small, boutique events. Depending on what you need, you can activate just the right features that will make your event an unforgettable experience. Focus on your guests and let us take care of the repetitive tasks.

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Most used features

Ticket Addons 

What are ticket add-ons useful for? 

Ticket add-ons will change the way you craft the experience. The event ticket becomes much more than just a ticket; It becomes the digital wallet of your events. Visitors can buy access credentials, merchandise, even food and beverage, and all that information will be safely stored as ticket add-ons.

With the ticket add-ons, we add a special dimension to visitors’ identity at events – the ownership of goods and services. They don’t need to carry anything with them, as long as they’ve purchased the right add-ons.

These can be products such as food and beverages, access to experiences, or sub-events. Alternatively, addons can also work as the event’s digital currency, allowing all sorts of interactions that are limited by your imagination.

What if you want to include a beer with every ticket you sell? Or add a t-shirt? How about a well-tailored experience that guides a couple to a special seminar, a cruise line, two drinks, and a romantic dinner in two? It doesn’t seem very easy if you have to hand out 10 tickets just for this. But there’s a better way of looking at the problem. 

The ticket add-ons, that store all the information within one single QR code. 

Ticket addons that live on your mobile phone
Automated invoicing for event registrations

Direct Payments from ticket sales

At Oveit, we don’t have access to your financial information. However, we made sure to integrate the world’s most secure payment processors with our ticketing software. Our users benefit from direct debit features, meaning that each time a customer places an order the money goes straight into the organizer’s account.

Your account supports PayPal, Stripe, and Crypto.com, all of them providing direct payments. There is no coding required to connect a payment processor to your Oveit account. It is a straightforward process. Simply create your account, activate the payment processor(s), publish your event and you’re ready to receive direct payments coming from ticket sales. 

The financial information is only processed by the authorized payment processor(s) in a secured environment. We do not process nor store financial information. Attendees can pay for their tickets by using a credit or debit card, with no prior account required. It’s that simple!

Automated invoicing

With hundreds or even thousands of orders, invoicing can’t be a manual process. With our event ticketing software, invoicing becomes an automated process. With each ticket purchase, the invoice is automatically issued and sent by our platform on your behalf.

In the process of setting up your account, the Billing step is where you can set up your company or individual information. To assure that Invoices that are generated by our system don’t overlap with other invoices issued by your company, our system allows you to set up Invoice Series accordingly.

If your business is not VAT exempt, our software gives you the option to input your VAT number and rate. By doing this, VAT is automatically added over the price and your invoices are issued accurately. Also, all invoices that are automatically issued by our ticketing software can be downloaded from your dashboard in .pdf format. It has never been easier to share such information with your team.

Automated invoicing for event registrations

IOS & Android ticket scanning App

Our event ticketing software gives you access to IOS and Android mobile apps. These apps are designed to check-in attendees for in-person events in a matter of seconds. There is no need for expensive hardware. Simply download the app and your day-to-day smartphone becomes a reliable, fast, and secure check-in tool. 

It’s essential to have a seamless check-in process. For most of your attendees, the check-in part is usually their first face-to-face interaction with you and your staff. All you need is a decent internet connection and an Android or IOS smartphone to scan tickets. 

It’s not just a convenient way to check-in attendees. Scanning tickets with our app provides organizers with insightful reports. For instance, you can send an after-event follow-up message only to participants that checked in. In your Dashboard, this information is updated in real-time, allowing you to act when it’s most relevant. 

Take a moment and show your gratitude to those that showed up at your event. Ask for their feedback and improve your upcoming events based on their previous experiences. Also, thanks to our mobile app you can also export a list with those attendees that couldn’t make it to your event. Even if they didn’t show up, their feedback shouldn’t be overlooked. Maybe you can find their reasons for not showing up and make efforts to increase attendance for upcoming shows. 

Ticketing software for virtual events

Oveit is interconnected with Streams.live, our solution for virtual events and live stream shopping. What does that mean? Well, it means that once you create and publish an event in your Oveit account, it automatically becomes available in Streams.live. If you have an account on Oveit, you already have an account on Streams.live. Simply log in with the same access credentials and begin to configure the ultimate virtual experience for your audience. 

As many in-person events moved online, for now, we thought of creating a tool that allows organizers to restrict access, even for a virtual event. Each ticket has a unique code that provides access to the virtual experience from Streams.live. It allows you to monetize your online content in a secure environment. Virtual attendees can purchase tickets that will allow them to view your live or pre-recorded content on any device, even if the experience is embedded on a personal website. 

Box office ticket sales

What is a box office/ticket office?

A box office or ticket office is a place where tickets are sold to the public for admission to an event. Patrons may perform the transaction at a countertop, through a hole in a wall or window, or at a wicket. 

After many requests coming from our partners, we’ve decided to create the box office ticket sales option. The advantages of online sales are countless, but we’ve decided to go that extra mile and allow organizers to sell tickets in-person as well. 

Our box office software shares the same real-time database with the online version. On-site, all you need is a laptop, a printer and internet connection. Your visitors can opt to have their tickets sent via email, or you can print them out when needed. 

image with a drawn top up point (kiosk)
venue seating plan

Venue seating associated with ticket categories

Allow customers to easily select the seats they desire. Create different ticket categories, associate them with different areas from your venue, and set up different prices. All, with just a few clicks of a button. Our event ticketing software has all the features that you need to create the perfect set-up for your guest. Create a digital replica of your venue, activate the seats, and let your customers select where they want to sit.

With our event ticketing software, you can create multiple seat sections, name them and assign a number for each of them. Without having to manually design each and every one. 

Find the perfect event ticketing software in 2021

How to choose an event ticketing software? 10 features that are a must have

We’d like to share a few thoughts on what we think are the key features you should be looking for when choosing an event ticketing software.

Let’s start with the basics and move on up from there.

1. Unlimited number of tickets and events

The first thing you should be paying attention to is whether the tool you are planning on using to sell tickets allows you to sell an unlimited number of tickets and set up an unlimited number of events. If that’s capped at a certain threshold – you might have yourself a bad deal.

Try to find tools that allow you to add an unlimited number of tickets and create an unlimited number of events. You might be starting small but usually small, carefully curated events tend to grow into beautiful communities.

2. Access to your event ticketing data

Number two on our list is access and control to your event ticketing data. The world has changed but there are still ticketing apps that allow only a moderate access to your data and your customers. Try to find a tool that allows full control over how you set up your event, your community information and it allows you to constantly access your visitor data, so you can leverage communication with them in the future.

3. Fair pricing

The third thing – pretty important though – is fair pricing. At the moment the most prevalent way to price ticketing software is percentage based. At Oveit, we don’t think that’s fair. In effect what this does is make the ticketing software company get a cut from your business.

“But I’m a small business – you say. I can’t afford to pay if I don’t sell anything”. We hear you. That’s why you can find a free tier plan that allows you to sell tickets (and get the payment in your account), free of charge, up to 300 visitors. Pretty cool, right?

Truth be told this pricing model exists at large in many other areas of ecommerce. For some reason, the event ticketing world has decided that the best way to price software is to grab a bite out of your sales. So choose carefully.

4. Instant payments for tickets sold

Number 4: Instant payments. Events are again a special case in terms of online sales. With many event ticketing apps you will have to wait until your event is done to actually receive your payments.

Try to find a tool that allows you to plug your PayPal or Stripe account and get your payments instantly in your account. For many event planning professionals, this is very, very important.

5. Seating maps that work with multiple ticket tiers

Seating maps are number 5 on our list. If you’re running a concert or planning a theatre play, you will need your guests to choose where they wanna sit. Find an event ticketing software that allows you to set up your event seating map, attach ticketing options to it and create the different pricing tiers you might be looking for.

6. Event ticketing with custom registration forms

Number 6 is getting to know your guests. Try to find an event ticketing software that allows you to attach a custom registration form to your ticket purchase process. This way you’ll be able to collect relevant data on your visitors and create a strong community which you really understand.

We think this point is often the most overlooked part by event professionals. We are people that love building experiences and sometimes forget just how important it is to get a better understanding on our community of visitors.

7. Mobile ticket scanning apps

Number 7 on our list is a mobile scanning app. Long gone are the days where customers would receive printed tickets. Tickets are now stored on the phone. It’s effective, instant and saves trees.

However – not all apps are built in the same way. Some are fast and reliable, some are slow and some don’t work at all. Try to find one that is fast (you’ll need speed to keep those long queues in check), reliable, and works on both iPhone and Android.

8. Event ticketing embedded on my site

Number 8 is the option to embed ticket sales on your site, if you have one. This allows you to create a better experience for your customers. If they’re visiting your site and decide to act and buy your tickets, it’s better to allow them to buy the tickets where and when they decide to. The best option – your own site.

Such an option shows up on a select number of ticketing apps and works by copying and pasting a short embed code.

9. Box office ticket sales

Box office sales is number 9 on our list and it allows you to sell tickets even at the entrance. Let’s say that you still have a few seats left to sell when your guests arrive at the door. You can take this chance and sell the extra tickets with a few taps on the screen and a mobile POS.

10. Event ticketing for hybrid and virtual events

Last but not least – number ten on our list is virtual or hybrid event ticketing. Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay and they’re a great tool to engage your community, independent of whether they were able to join you physically or they’re watching the show on their smart TV at home.

So there you have it – these are the 10 things you should be looking in when researching the right ticketing software for you. Because these are our guiding principles we’ve built all these features and more in Oveit, your go to ticketing software.

Oveit – it’s between you and your community.

Unique Experiences with NFT ticketing

Looking for a way to create forever-lasting memories for your attendees. Using Oveit, you can now easily create, mint, and sell NFT tickets powered by blockchain technology. By tokenizing the experience you create, you allow stakeholders access to enriched experiences they own. Furthermore, these digital assets can be subject to future secured transactions. continuing to bring in royalty long after your event took place.