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Do you want to sell event tickets for crypto? You came to the right place. With Oveit, you can easily set up an event and allow your customers to buy tickets using cryptocurrencies. We’ve partnered up with the leading payment processors (for both fiat and cryptocurrencies) to allow our partners to safely sell tickets. All account plans come with a direct debit option, meaning the money will go straight into your account each time an order is placed. 


To sell tickets for crypto, you just need to:

  • Create an account with Oveit.com
  • Connect your Merchant Account
  • Set up an event, sell tickets, and receive funds instantly


Why sell tickets for crypto

There are more than 300 million crypto users worldwide, and the total available cryptocurrencies sum more than $1.8 trillion (Feb 2022). 

And the numbers are just growing as there are more than 18.000 companies (2021) that accept crypto payments for the products and services. People are starting to use cryptocurrencies in their daily activities, and allowing them to buy tickets for crypto will only help you reach a broader audience. 

As we can see, cryptocurrencies hold great purchasing power. And part of this power is distributed among your audience.


How to sell tickets for crypto

Selling tickets for crypto is easy. We’ve partnered up with Crypto.com, allowing you to easily accept cryptocurrency for your event tickets. You just need to connect your Crypto.com Merchant Account to your Oveit account (option available under Billing/Payment methods) and you are ready to receive crypto from your future attendees.



Setting up an event

Once you set up your account, you just need to set up the event and start selling tickets for crypto. We have prepared a complete guide that will show you everything there is to know about setting up your event on Oveit. But feel free to contact us directly if you need guidance. 

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