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For event planners, the work starts months before the event takes place and finishes long after the last attendee has left the premises. There are multiple aspects that you need to take into consideration, an event ticket sale is one of them.

If you want to understand better where your event ticket sales come from, there are two ways to collect this information.

1. Redirect customers to a designated “Thank You” page


Our registration software allows you to customize the customer journey, having the option to redirect customers on a designated thank you page each time a ticket sale has been successfully processed.

You can set up a custom Thank You page for each of your events. This option is available in Step 3 – Checkout Settings, where you can opt between keeping the default confirmation page or inputting a custom URL.

This option allows you to track the source of your event ticket sales based on the users that landed on this page. Furthermore, you can create separate audiences and create remarketing campaigns for online users that landed on the ticketing page but haven’t loaded the “Thank You” page.


2. Integrating Google Tag Manager 



If you want to dig deeper into your event ticket sales, you can rely on our GTM integration. This way, Oveit connects with your GTM account and sends useful information from different steps of the registration process. Events are set up according to GA4 eCommerce Measurement and track the purchase in 4 different steps, using data_layers to track what happens within the process, starting from the form embedded on your website.

The data layers are structured as follows:

– view_items_list (on the embed page)

– add_to_cart (tickets that were selected)

– begin_checkout (before clients are redirected to the payment processing page)

– purchases (data layer extracted from the confirmation page)

This integration allows you to collect data at different points and understand where/if your customers drop off once the process started.

Our efforts focus on delivering the event ticketing software that helps you before, during, and after your event. If you have any questions on how to use Oveit and better track your event ticket sales contact us directly and we will gladly help you set up everything you need.

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