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The most epic parties are those which are memorable and well organized. Attention to small details can have a considerable impact, especially if you are aiming for future editions or for the overall success of your nightclub. Cashless payment solutions are adopted by more and more festivals and large events nowadays, but nightclubs might want to consider this as a viable solution as well. This innovative alternative has proved to be capable of solving some of the most common organizational issues for festivals and large events, such as: waiting time; security and user-experience. From the perspective of an event organizer or club owner, adopting this kind of technology proved to result in larger revenue streams and positive feedback coming from the attendees.

The actual payment process when using a cashless payment solution for a club

Tap & pay! This is how I would explain Oveit’s cashless payment process in two words. However, this might not be as self-explanatory for you as it is for me.

Instead of paying with cash or a credit/debit card, a wristband or card with an NFC chip integrated will take on these important roles. Once at the bar, your attendees simply order their favorite beverage, tapping their NFC tag to finalize a purchase in a matter of seconds. They won’t have to search their pockets for cash while feeling the pressure from those waiting in line to order as well.

Your clients might decide to top-up credit in advance or during their night out, inside the club. To add credit in advance, attendees should download the Oveit mobile App and create an account.

To be on the safe side, placing physical top-up points inside the venue is recommended. Not all of your clients will have the mobile App downloaded and this needs to be foreseen. At the top-up stations, attendees might be allowed to buy credit with cash and credit/debit card.

Easy & fun menu management for bartenders 

In this kind of environment, a drinks menu might change quite often. It is not easy to remember dozens of prices, keeping in mind that drinks can be mixed in so many ways.

To avoid awkward situations, such as asking one of your colleagues how much a drink is or even worst, searching for it by yourself in the menu, a fully customizable menu can solve and avoid situations like this.

When using Oveit, bartenders have the option to fully customize the menu by logging in with their credentials on any Android device. Instead of having a standardized menu, where products are displayed in the exact same order, our platform allows your employees to place the products where they think it’s most relevant and efficient. The main purpose of this feature is for transactions to be completed as fast and secure as possible.




Detailed customer reporting & sales reporting

Data is gold, especially when you want to spread out a message to the right target audience. It becomes a lot easier and effective to achieve that when using Oveit’s cashless payment system. Every single transaction is stored in the cloud, meaning that for the next party hosted by your club, you will know exactly what to focus on in terms of spreading the word out to your most loyal party animals.

Detailed reports emphasizing the top selling products enable you as a club owner to stock up strategically. If you find out that Mojito is a highly demanded drink, running out of key ingredients will be a thing of the past.

The productivity of your employees is available in the reports section as well. By sending out invitations, all your employees are enabled to log in with their chosen credentials. This allows you to track individual performances, rewarding them accordingly. For instance, you can reward your bartenders based on the number of completed sales, motivating them to perform at their best level.

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We are working in a project to implement a permanent cashless payment system in a beach club for our guests (we are a real estate who manage short stay properties). How can you help us?

Hi Carlos, our system helps decrease cash usage. This decreases fraud, theft and increases payments.

Using the same NFC card your visitors can access their benefits, specific areas and monetary value.

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