Cashless payments designed for you

We are introducing the idea of Economy as a Service:

Are you searching for an easy to implement cashless payments and loyalty solution? Do you want your visitors to have access to countless perks and benefits, all at the tap of their wristband?

We provide cashless payments solutions for global events and venues that increase revenue by 30 to 60% and improve user experience, within and outside their venues.

We focus on helping you increase in-venue purchases, increase your revenue and improve the visitors’ experiences. With Oveit you can set up multiple online and physical credit top-up points, multiple vending points (including external vendors), as well as track purchases throughout your venue or event.

Ever had internet connectivity issues? We know how problematic that can be. Oveit payments work using a proprietary technology we call Edge Payments. This technology enables our system to work even offline, with data synchronized to the cloud.

One more thing – there’s no need to change anything in your existing processes. Oveit connects with your favorite registration and ticketing provider, without any complicated integrations.

Tap into your unclaimed revenue and data with our Economy as a Service tech

As much as 90% of revenue and data remains untapped by events and venues.

Attending a festival or venue are key drivers for  a visitor’s presence. However, the businesses that bring people together rarely tap into more than 10% of customer spending.

Until now you’ve had no access to the revenue and data generated by your visitors at food and beverage vendors, transportation, accommodations, shopping, local attractions and more.

We think you are missing on a very large opportunity by not building your extended economy and our mission is to help you address it.

A visit to a venue is more than the visit to that venue. It’s a life experience.

Access to experiences is fragmented and so far there has never been a good way to connect what’s happening in the event venue with what’s happening outside. A big part of your visitor’s experience happens outside the event’s premises.

Say hello to the extended visitor experience.

With Oveit you can build your venue’s economy, attach perks and benefits and focus on your customer. You can do this with our EaaS (Economy as a Service) tech and connecting them to relevant partners that provide experiences, goods and services.

Edge payments

Our edge payments technology is based on locally distributed ledgers, embedded in IoT devices and secured with AI algo … well, you get the point – there’s a lot of cool tech under the hood. What it boils down to is that Oveit allows you to do payments even if the internet is down, with very high numbers of transactions. It can operate in very harsh conditions and with very high numbers of visitors.

By the way – why edge? What does edge payments mean? Edge computing means data is being processed where it’s operated, at the edge of the cloud. Given that we focus on payments and we operate these through a buffer layer on location, we called the technology “edge payments”.

Enhancing experiences with
EaaS (Economy as a Service)

Here's a look at how Oveit's Economy as a Service technology
helps businesses in events, entertainment venues,
retail and smart cities:

Provide access to the full experience

Tickets and access rights
Prepacked benefits
Access to goods and services
Transport passes
Hotel vouchers

Get a share of total visitor spending

Digital wallets
Connected credit cards
Blockchain based payments

Edge of cloud payments

Provide servicess without worrying about internet connectivity
Distributed ledgers for reliability and security
Increase processing power tenfold

The right partners for the job.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s best
financial services to make sure your event’s
economy is always secure, easy to setup and reliable.

Don't take our word for it. See it for yourself.