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Save time, optimise your budget and find peace of mind with our conference registration software.

Oveit is your automation tool for conference registration, payments, access control and event sales & marketing.

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Cut Costs, Save Time, Work Less AND Improve Visitor Experience

Did you ever think you can improve your visitors experiences and get smart savings and streamlined efficiency? At Oveit this is powered by a streamlined and modern infrastructure. Our platform is stable, agile and ever-evolving, making sure your event planning is not just smooth but also super cost-effective.

The magic of automation helps you say goodbye to boring manual tasks. Oveit does all the heavy lifting for you, freeing up your team to focus on the cool, creative work that makes your event stand out.

In addition to automation and cost savings, our platform helps improve sales and marketing. Oveit tools make sure no sales opportunity slips through the cracks, giving your bottom line a boost without additional work. From conversion rate optimisation to CRM integration and automation, Oveit delivers not just a good event registration platform but a specialized sales and marketing tool.

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Streamlined Event Registration and Payments

At Oveit, we understand the complexity of event management. That's why our platform is built to automate event registration and payments. Say goodbye to manual processes, and hello to efficiency.

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Automated Financial Management

Oveit goes beyond simple registration and payment processing; it offers a robust financial management solution. From global billing invoicing to diverse payment options and gateways.

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Integrate, build, grow your event

Oveit seamlessly integrates with other essential tools to enhance your event management experience. From your CRM to marketing tools, event networking apps, on-site registration systems, lead collection, and more

Sales Optimization and Customization

Get access to a powerful tool for increasing sales and optimizing the entire customer journey. From Event Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Affiliate and Partner Sales Tracking and Sponsors and Partner sales solutions.

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Sponsors and Partners Engagement

Oveit is not just for organizers – it's a powerful tool for sponsors and partners too. Help sponsors collect valuable leads through Oveit's user-friendly interface, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Group Buying and Private Registration Packages

No size fits all, especially in group and B2B event sales. Tailor registration packages for partners, sponsors, and corporates, providing a personalized experience for key stakeholders.

Here’s why our clients ❤️ Oveit

Leonor Guedes

Event Manager, Pioneers

“Our partnership with Oveit was very smooth and effortless. We were very please with the end result.The software made our registration process easier, more accurate and we were able to gather more reliable data about our event.“

Smooth and effortless

Matt Hammond

Marketing Director at Dom Perignon

“ Without the support that Oveit's team offered the event would not have been possible. With a complex time slot management across a number of days as well as adhering to brand guidelines made it incredibly hard to find a plug and play solution.“

Oveit's bespoke around the clock support made it possible!

Townson Tsai

Online ticket sales

“ Ability to search using multiple inputs to find purchase. Ease of refund and flexibility for orders. Easy to upscale or downscale quickly. Very quick to master the software and the documentation for billing purposes was very good. Pricing was excellent and Paypal link was very easy. “

Quick uptake and easy customization, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch!

Marketing Automation Supercharged:
Oveit Event CRO, Your Event's Conversion Spark

Get ready to revolutionize your event sales game with Oveit CRO – the secret weapon for skyrocketing conversion rates. Ever wondered why some potential buyers drop off during the ticketing process? Oveit CRO tackles this head-on, ensuring that no sales slip through the cracks by strategically reminding visitors to complete their checkout journey.

But here’s where the magic happens – Oveit CRO isn’t just a reminder wizard. It’s your backstage pass to invaluable insights. Ever wanted to know which campaigns, partners, or ticket categories perform best, without data scientists crunching the numbers? Oveit CRO shows all that, empowering you to refine your strategies based on real-time performance data.

With Oveit CRO, you can boost sales by up to 60% by simply improving the process of converting website visitors into excited ticket buyers.

And there’s more: Oveit Analytics takes things a step further by looking at buyer behavior post-purchase. From analyzing open rates of emails to understanding event behavior, You can have a deep dive into the metrics that matter. Let Oveit CRO and Analytics be your dynamic duo, paving the way to unprecedented success in event ticketing and registration.

Read more on the topic in Cracking the code: Conversion Rate Optimization for Events Registration.

Seal the Deal:
B2B Event Sales Made Simple

In the dynamic world of B2B events, the heartbeat of growth is undeniably B2B sales. Enter Oveit, your tool in fortifying and expanding your B2B sales work. Our platform supports custom group sales and also seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, offering a powerhouse of support for your corporate sales journey.

Use Oveit to support to sponsorship, partners, and corporate custom packages. Imagine the flexibility of assigning tickets to delegates even if the decision on attendees is pending – a game-changer in closing sales and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Make sure that relevant data is seamlessly pushed to your company’s CRM and sales tools. This means your marketing and sales team is armed with relevant data that helps them close your loyal customers year over year.

Viral Vibes in Your Registration Strategy:
Spark Community Registrations and Understand Affiliates Efficiency

Engage your community, boost sales, and transform your event into a thriving hub with Oveit’s cutting-edge Affiliation and Community Lead Registration features. Affiliates and partners can propel your sales skyward without significant increases in cost.

Integrate your affiliate, social media and community efforts with Oveit CRO and you can track the performance of your affiliates and partners. Uncover insights into what works and enhance your focus on the high-performing players.

Oveit empowers you to issue discount vouchers, turning communities and influencers’ fan bases into enthusiastic event registrants. Expand your community with theirs by helping them enjoy exclusive benefits, making this a win-win scenario.

Tracking performance is a breeze with Oveit, providing clear metrics to guide your focus. Discover which partners are true game-changers, allowing you to refine your strategy for future success.

Too much data across social channels? No problem. Oveit integrates seamlessly with social analytics and you can employ social sharing incentives to transform your visitors into event ambassadors. Watch your event’s visibility skyrocket as your community becomes the driving force behind your success.

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API first Event Management:
Connects Anything, Anywhere

Event Management can be work intensive, with loads of systems, people and ideas interacting. It can get really complicated, really fast. You are an experienced event organizer so you understand the need for simplified communications and clear data.

Enter APIs. Specifically Oveit, an API-first conference registration tool. By the way – you won’t notice any of this and you won’t touch any piece of code. It all runs smoothly in the background.

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are the unsung heroes of event management, acting as digital bridges that enable seamless communication between different software systems. Think of them as connectors that allow your event registration platform to effortlessly integrate with other tools like marketing software, finance systems, and more. APIs ensure real-time data exchange, providing event managers with the power to streamline operations, gather insights, and create cohesive event experiences. In a nutshell, APIs turn your event management toolbox into a well-coordinated orchestra, where every instrument plays in perfect harmony to orchestrate a symphony of success.

Unlike traditional systems, API-first tools prioritize connectivity, allowing organizers to harness the power of real-time data exchange and collaborative ecosystems.

Here are where the main benefits you’ll find with such a platform.

Marketing becomes faster, better: API-first registration solutions seamlessly synchronize with your existing marketing tools, transforming your promotional efforts into a cohesive force. Say goodbye to manual data transfers (bye bye exporting and importing excel files). No more disjointed campaigns. With real-time integration, you can effortlessly align your marketing strategies, automating workflows and ensuring that every promotional effort is amplified.

Finances are streamlined and aligned: Bid farewell to the days of financial discrepancies and cumbersome reconciliations. API-first solutions effortlessly integrate with finance systems, ensuring a harmonious flow of billing and invoicing processes. The result is a unified financial support that improves cash flow and also provides an overview of financial health.

Real time, dynamic event registration reporting: API-first solutions redefine reporting by aggregating attendee data, registration stats, and engagement metrics into dynamic, real-time reports. Unlike traditional systems, these insights aren’t just data points; they’re actionable ideas that guide future event strategies. Understand attendee behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, and refine event experiences – all with the precision of API-first reporting.

Sales success drives events success: Integrate your event registration seamlessly with your sales tools, creating a unified platform for tracking sales, monitoring leads, and refining your sales strategy. API-first solutions ensure that every sales opportunity is maximized, transforming the registration process into a strategic pillar that directly impacts your event’s bottom line.

Networking at the event is streamlined and visitors happy: Build meaningful connections with our API-first event registration solution that integrate with leading event networking tools. Whether it’s easy contact sharing, interactive agendas, or virtual engagement features, API-first solutions create a networking platform that transforms your event into a collaborative and memorable experience for attendees.

In essence, API-first event registration solutions transcend the limitations of traditional technologies (see “Why Your Event Management App Sucks: The Problem with All-in-One Platforms“). By prioritizing connectivity, Oveit provides you with the agility to adapt, integrate, and excel in an environment where efficiency is paramount. It’s not just about managing events; it’s about revolutionizing the entire event management process.

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