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Improve your event sales with Oveit by automating registrations, ticketing, reporting, payments, and financials. 

  • Receive payments instantly, accommodating bank, card, and crypto transactions;
  • Handle ticketing and access control efficiently, optimizing conversion to buyers;
  • Optimize YoY ticket and sponsorships sales;
  • Bring your community together and build trust;
  • Solve ticket fraud with smart tickets, ensuring secure entry;
  • Connect buyer and visitor data directly to your CRM;
  • Manage your entire event registration seamlessly, from start to finish;
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Rated 4.8/5 on Capterra

Conferences and conventions

Oveit events hub: your co-pilot for B2B events and conferences. Oveit is your automation tool for conference registration, payments, access control and event sales & marketing.

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Marketing events

Step up your marketing events from registration to analytics: Improve your field marketing with events that drive growth! Our software is perfect for businesses in the tech, medical, consumer goods, and fashion sector.

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EventGPT - AI for event planning

EventGPT is designed with the event planner in mind, offering a specialised AI support for event planners in creating unforgettable experiences

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Manage event registration forms

Cut Costs, Save Time, Work Less AND Improve Visitor Experience

Simplify event registration and capture valuable buyer and attendee insights with Oveit Forms. Build tailored registration and data forms that capture who your buyer and your visitor is. Enable buyers to assign tickets to visitors and connect this valuable data to your CRM.

  1. Set up forms for customers and visitors;
  2. Allow buyers to assign tickets to their delegates;
  3. Use this data to tailor their experience;
  4. Connect forms to CRM and stay connected to your audience;
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embed ticketing and registration on site

Event registration

Your event, your website, your branding. The registration widget can be embedded on your website as simple as copy and paste.

Set up your ticket sales online easily.

Set up your event ticket sales in minutes with our streamlined app. No technical know how needed.

Accept payments instantly

Accept registration payment from all around the world with card payments, bank transfer and event crypto payments. Receive payments instantly.

Sell & pre-pack perks and benefits on your tickets

Not just a ticket: Oveit turns e-tickets into digital wallets that can hold multiple addons & monetary tokens that can be spent in-event.

Expand your event with addons

Add merchandise, services, products and even hotel bookings to your event with ticket addons.

Free mobile apps for ticket scanning

Use our free iOS & Android apps to scan tickets, check authenticity, sell and scan addons. Even process event cashless payments.

Event payments instantly
Accept instant payments

Accept Card, Bank and Crypto Payments and Improve Cashflow by 40%. Instant Payments in Your Account.

Step up your finances with Oveit Pay’s integrated payments system. Accept Credit and Debit card, ACH/Bank transfers and even Crypto payments. Make it easy for your customers to pay for registration in their preferred way. Let Oveit manage all the complicated payment flows in the backend. Increase your revenue and improve your cashflow.

  • Accept credit & debit card, ACH/Bank transfer, crypto payments;
  • Accept 130 currencies;
  • Get paid instantly;
  • Set it and forget it: no more work around accepting payments;
  • Make it simple for visitors to pay for registration;
  • Sell extra services and benefits with addons;
  • Allow visitors to upgrade their tickets;
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Embed registration on your website

Your Website. Our Event Registration and Payment Widget. ❤️

Oveit’s event registration widget is a perfect fit for your branded website! It’s super user-friendly and makes it a breeze to sign up attendees. It’s fully customizable, allows for easy data management, and provides great tracking support.

  1. Copy paste implementation;
  2. Register visitors on your website;
  3. Customize the registration flow;
  4. Add your brand look and feel;
  5. Track visitor flow and optimise your event registration;
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NFT ticketing artwork
Smart Tickets

Create, mint and sell Smart Tickets

Your event tickets are so much more than just access codes. They are the gateway to an unforgettable experience that now can be tokenized and held forever. Why should you tokenize your event tickets?

Smart tickets are digital assets that hold access credentials and unique perks for your events. They secure transactions, stop fraud and help create a safe and transparent secondary market.

  • Stop ticketing fraud;
  • Allow your fans to really own the experience you create;
  • Bridge online and in-person events;
  • Add benefits and extra services to the tickets you sell;
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