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Oveit offers its users the option to choose between a Starter and a Pro account. Before deciding which one is needed, it is important to understand their individual features.

First of all, the Starter account is designed for events that have up to 500 active visitors. Unlike the Pro account, the Starter account does not provide any solutions for cashless payments, its main purpose being to provide great services when it comes to ticketing, registration and access control. This type of account might be a good option for someone who is not familiar with Oveit’s platform and would like to give it a try.

p.s.: the Starter account is totally free. Great news, right?

However, if you are planning an event with more than 500 active visitors, the Pro account comes into place. It contains all the services which are included in the Starter account with some additional ones that can make your event truly unique. For example, you don’t need to be worried about the number of visitors attending your event, since you can have unlimited visitors with this account. On top of that, your event participants can be entertained by our well-developed cashless payment system, which is simply designed to create memorable experiences, keeping your participants engaged during and after your event. If you were thinking about receiving payments through bank transfer options as well, we are more than happy to inform you that our Pro account can easily achieve that for you.

Before deciding, just try to identify the scale of your event. The number of participants would be the first indicator. If you have over 500, you already know that you won’t qualify for a Starter account. Another indicator would be the cashless payment solutions that Oveit has to offer. If you decide that would be a good fit for your event, the Pro account would easily help you achieve that goal.




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