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If you host multiple days events in spaces that have multiple areas/halls you know that sometimes it may be difficult to verify access credential for all of your attendees. One way to do it is to use different color wristbands, but this way will be difficult to collect information on your attendees’ access preferences: what time do they arrive? when do they leave? what halls/areas were most visited?

This is why we are using our built-in NFC technology for access control. The same wristband that is used for cashless payments and engagement can be used to both verify access credentials and collect real-time access information.

How does it work?

The NFC wristband is paired to the ticket (or digital wallet, as we like to call it) and stores all the attendees’ information (including access credentials). When arriving at a checkpoint attendee simply taps the “almighty” wristband and the system check is he/she has access to that particular area of your event. It also stores the check-in information, so afterward you will be able to see the areas attendees preferred.

How to set the NFC technology for access control?

When setting up the event decide which areas are available for each ticket category. In Oveit simply add those areas as Perks for each ticket category (for example, attendees that buy tickets for General Admission category will have access to Main Area and Cafeteria). If you leave the Quantity field blank there will be no limit for claiming the Perk – meaning that attendees can enter that area as often as they want.

As you can see, access to the VIP Zone area is not included in the ticket price and it can be pre-purchased for $15. The event organizer can offer this optional addon for all ticket categories or just for a specific one.



On-site, you will need to set up check-in points to verify access credential. You can use either Android mobile phones, either tablets/laptops + NFC readers. Attendees just tap their wristbands and the system verifies access credentials and registers the check-in. The best part is that the displayed screen is 100% customizable, allowing you personalize the interaction.


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