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Based on your current location, Oveit is set up to automatically choose its time zone by default. However, there are situations where event organizers are setting up events in different parts of the world, meaning that time zones will most likely differ.

If your event occurs in a place that has a different time zone, you can easily change that accordingly. From your account, select ‘Account Settings’ from the dashboard and from there choose ‘Date and Time settings’.




You will have three available options: time zone; date format and time format.



Change those depending where your event is located. If you have multiple events, in different parts of the world, you can change those three options accordingly. When creating your event, in STEP 1 (Event Settings), just below the start and end date of the event, you will see that the box saying ‘Use default date and time settings’ is selected. Untick that option and afterwards change the time zone, time format and date format settings based on the location of your event.



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