Home Knowledge base Using Oveit How to issue a refund for sold tickets?

Let’s say one of your buyers wants their money back and your refund policy allows this. How can you do that with Oveit?

It’s very simple: You have to refund payments from your payment processor (PayPal or Stripe) and afterwards press Reverse/Credit button in your customer’s order.

Let’s have a look at these steps:

Step 1: Issue a refund from your payment processor

Depending on the payment processor you have chosen (Billing > Payment methods) you can either go to your PayPal or Stripe Dashboard and search for the order you want to refund.

Once you find them, there is usually a “Refund” button you can use to send the funds back. Have a look at PayPal’s refund button, for example:

PayPal Refund

Click that button and the funds are sent back to your customer.

Step 2: Reverse transaction in Oveit and cancel order.

To finalize the refund process you have to search for the order in your Oveit orders page (Reports > Order History) and refund the credit by pressing the “Reverse / Credit” button and afterwards the “Cancel Order” button:

Reverse order and refund ticket
Click the “reverse/credit” button to mark the payment as refunded. Click the “Cancel order” button to cancel the order, cancel invoice and tickets and remove ticket sales from sales reports.

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