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Sometimes you may need to collect visitor data that goes beyond the payment data.

For example you might want to request their company, age group, interests or even a photo. You can do that with Oveit‘s registration forms.

Here’s how you can set up a registration form:

Step 1. Activate the registration forms

When you are setting up a new event, you will see an “Enable custom registration forms” checkbox on the first step. Activate it to see the registration forms setup.

Activate event registration forms

Step 2. Set up your custom registration forms

Now that your registration forms feature is active, you are ready to set up your custom forms. Here’s a preview of a form:

Set up registration forms

The form setup is pretty easy to use. Click the “+” icon to add a new field. Choose the Field type and add a label that shows your visitors what you want them to fill in that field. Check the “Yes” (Mandatory) checkbox to make it mandatory field. If you want to delete the field you can click the “x” icon on the right hand area.

You can choose from multiple form types:

  • Text field (one line text input)
  • Multi-line text field (a text area)
  • Email address (the input checks for email formats)
  • Date (Day/Month/Year field)
  • Dropdown list (single or multiple option dropdowns)
  • File upload (upload .doc, .pdf or image files)

After your form is ready, just click save or next to finish and publish your event.

Step 3. Publish your event and allow visitors to register

After you have published your event, the visitors will fill in the registration form after their payment details. Here is a preview from the registration page:

Registration form for visitors

Once they fill in their details you will see them in your dashboard, under your event. You can see your visitor data in the “Check in” section and you can download the data from the “Attendees” section:


If you click the “Check in” link you can view a list of your visitors and edit their details:


If you click the “Attendees” link you can filter and download a list of your users, which can be used as database for visitors in third party apps (ex. Email Marketing apps).

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