Can I import a list of attendees?

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Support Staff asked 7 years ago

If I already have a list of attendees can I automatically import it into my event? Or do I have to manually register each attendee?


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Support Staff answered 7 years ago

There are many reasons why you may want to import a list of attendees: maybe you’ve used more than one platform to sell tickets for your event but you want to ensure a smooth check-in process (so you plan on using a single platform); maybe you want to set up a cashless payment system connected with your attendees (for better understanding your attendees); maybe you have a list of hundreds of guest that you would like to automatically import. There are many reasons for you to want to import attendees and no matter why you chose to do it, our user-friendly software offers this feature.

If you use Eventbrite to sell tickets, our new feature allows you to synchronize it so that all your events are automatically imported into Oveit.
The manual import is as simple as it can get and we’ve set up this short tutorial in order to guide you through it.

First, from “My events” go to the settings wheel and select “import attendees”.


You should have at least 2 columns in your import file:

Ticket code – the alphanumeric string that creates the QR code. If you don’t have a ticket code please add one.
Ticket id – this is the ticket category name (as you have it in Oveit) or the ID that Oveit displays for each of your ticket categories.

In my example, the registration form for the event has 3 fields: name, e-mail address, and company. I have also decided to preload the digital wallets for my guests (50 USD for General Admission and 100 USD for VIP Pass) my cashless solution. The import file looks like this:


*Please keep in mind that the first row should have the Title of the column.

Once I import the file,  the system will ask me to confirm what columns do I want to import and what that information should represent. The “Ignore column” option is set by default.


Once you select the heading for each column you can select the “Start import” option and Oveit will take care of the rest. Once the upload is finished an email address will be sent to you.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help.