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Depending on the size of your event, Oveit offers you three different options in terms of pricing and features.

We will begin with the Starter account (free version), which is designed for smaller events, with up to 500 active visitors. This version does not involve any costs, allowing the user to get familiar with how Oveit works. Even if this is a free version, it includes features such as: seating maps; attendee badges; free scanner app (no queuing at the entrance of your event, smooth check in by scanning the QR code with almost any device) as well as many other benefits. If you decide that this type of account works well for your event, all you need to do is drop us a line over here: https://oveit.com/contact/#contact_form and one of our team members will contact you in no time to get you started with your account.

When it comes to events with more than 500 active visitors, a percentage of 2.4% out of the total price of each ticket sold will be retained by Oveit. The number of visitors attending your event won’t affect the 2.4% fee, meaning that you can have an unlimited number of participants.




The Pro account is a more complex account that Oveit offers its users when it comes to ticketing. It includes unique features, such as:

1. Attendee badges; 2. Bundled perks and add-ons; 3. Perpetual events; 4. Customized checkout and not only.

  1. The attendee badge printing option can give that ‘personal touch’ to your participants. As an organizer, you can request almost any kind of information to be displayed on your attendee’s badges, such as: name; e-mail address and job title. Once they arrive at your event, the badge will print right after the ticket’s QR code is scanned on a device. It is a great tool for an event that involves networking.


  1. If you decide to attach add-ons to your ticket, such as access to specific areas, beverages, food or merchandising, the ‘Prepacked perks’ option can smoothly achieve that for your event. Those perks can be verified with a simple tap of the hand. The only thing required is an Android smartphone with NFC reading integrated.


  1. The ‘perpetual events’ option allows you to create a continuous event, which will be active for an undefined period, meaning that a start or end date is not required.


  1. The ‘customized checkout’ option allows you as an organizer to collect relevant information from your attendees. For instance, participants won’t be able to complete the purchase of their ticket without the requested information filled in. It is a very useful tool, since it contributes to the end of event report, where you can spot different behaviours and trends, resulting in a more focused approach for future events.




The cost for using the Pro account with its features mentioned above and not only is 4.99% out of the total price of each ticket sold.

We would be more than happy to assist you with choosing the right account for your event. Feel free to contact us!

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