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Sometimes you want your tickets grouped together. Maybe you have too many options, many you want to set up time slots or maybe you want to group them by different categories.

Oveit can help you do that with ease, in the tickets setup page.

Here’s how you can group event or venue tickets:

Step 1: Go to your Oveit account (or register for a new account) and start a new event (My Events > New Event)

Step 2: Set up your tickets under the “Ticket categories” section

The first thing you will see is the new ticket setup form:

set up a new ticket for your event

After you fill in the data on your first ticket category and click “Save ticket category” you are taken to the ticket category page:

Ticket categories for your event

Let’s go ahead and create 3 more new tickets, which we can later on group under two different ticket groups. Do that by clicking “New ticket category“.

Great – we now have 4 tickets which we will group under two groups:

4 tickets listed



Step 3: Set up your ticket groups

Click inside the “Create group…” input and add your first group name. Let’s name it “Group one”. Click “Add group” button to save it. Do that again and create a second group called “Group two”.

Set up your first ticket group

Great, now we have two ticket groups, which you can see show up under the ticket names:

two ticket groups

Now click and drag the three-line icon next to “My first ticket”, under the “Group one” group. Make sure it is slightly indented so it shows under the “Group one” section:

Drag ticket under group

Now drag and drop “My second ticket” under “Group one”. Drag and drop “My third ticket” and “My fourth ticket” under “Group two”:

grouping tickets

You should see the tickets aligned as seen above. If you now click “Next step” below, changes are saved and you are taken to the next event setup step.

At the end of your event setup you will see your tickets grouped together as seen below. Clicking the “+” icon will open the ticket purchase options:

Tickets grouped widget
Tickets are now grouped. Using the “+” and “-” icons visitors can expand or close the ticket groups.

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