Home Knowledge base Tips and Tricks Using Oveit How do I add free attendees to my event?

Adding free attendees is quite simple. It takes just two steps.

Let’s say you have set up a paid event and you want to register some attendees without them having to go through payment processing.

Step 1: Set up a 100% voucher

Go to your Vouchers section:


Set up a new voucher with 100% discount and select the event you want it to be applied to:


Don’t forget to add the discount code, set up the maximum uses and click save. Maximum uses is the maximum times the voucher can be used. For example: if you want to register 5 people you can set the maximum uses to 5.


Step 2: Register attendees or ask them to register themselves using the discount code

Now you have an 100% discount code with five uses. You can now either a. register attendees yourself or b. send the discount code to your attendees and ask them to register themselves. To finish registration and apply the discount code just enter it in the checkout process:


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