Home Knowledge base Tips and Tricks Using Oveit How do I find an attendee that visited my previous events?

Sometimes you will need to follow up with a visitor from your past events. You know their name, maybe their email address or some other detail. However, you do not know which was the event they have visited and how to find more details from them.

Fortunately, Oveit gathers these details and displays them in your events CRM:

Your events CRM - find details on your visitors

If you click the CRM link in your toolbar you will get to a section where your attendees are displayed, as well as the total number of tickets they have purchased and the total spent.

You can use the Customer / attendee search field to search for someone in particular.

For example you can see what happens if I search for “Adam”:

CRM search Adam attendee

You can see I get multiple results, from which I can choose. The search also looks for data filled in in your event forms and if it finds something – you will see it.

To see more about a particular customer, just click “Details” and you will see a detailed report on this attendee’s activity, including the company or individual details, list of purchased tickets, as well as event participation data (orders, form details):

Event CRM attendee details

What do I do to set up my Event CRM?

Nothing. The great thing about Oveit is that data is automatically collected from the events you set up and the orders received.

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