Transform the event experience with Oveit's Smart Tickets with Addons Support.

In a world where personalization, convenience, and memorable experiences are paramount, Oveit is here to redefine how attendees engage with events, whether it’s a conference, trade show, or any gathering. Here’s how Smart Tickets are transforming the world of event planning.


Improving the event experience through smart tickets

Elevating attendee experience: Oveit’s Smart Tickets go beyond traditional event tickets. We understand that attendees have diverse interests and preferences. With smart tickets, attendees can curate their own unique event experience by adding services and products that matter most to them. Whether it’s access to workshops, side events, event merchandise, specific zones, travel benefits, or local attractions, our system empowers attendees to shape their journey.

Fraud prevention: Security is a top concern for event organizers. Oveit’s smart tickets are designed with advanced security features that virtually eliminate fraud. This ensures that only authorized attendees gain access to the event and its addons, providing peace of mind for both attendees and organizers.

Flexible addons: Oveit’s system offers incredible flexibility in terms of addons. Event organizers can bundle addons with tickets or offer them separately, catering to a wide range of preferences. This flexibility allows attendees to tailor their experience to suit their interests and needs, while organizers have the ability to customize offerings to match their event’s unique vibe.

Revenue generation: Smart tickets and addons aren’t just about enhancing the attendee journey; they’re also a strategic way to boost revenue. By offering a variety of addons, event organizers create opportunities for increased spending. Attendees are more likely to invest in experiences that resonate with them, leading to higher spending and improved event profitability.

Unforgettable memories: Oveit’s smart tickets and addons transform events into memorable journeys. Attendees aren’t just passive participants – they become active creators of their own experiences. This personal touch leaves a lasting impact and builds emotional connections that go beyond the event itself.

Data-Driven insights: The power of data cannot be underestimated. With Oveit’s system, event organizers gain insights into attendee preferences and behavior. This data-driven approach allows for better understanding of attendee interests, enabling organizers to fine-tune offerings for future events and drive even more engagement.

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Enhanced Event Promotion

Smart tickets and addons aren't just about the event day – they contribute significantly to the pre-event excitement. As attendees personalize their experience by selecting addons that resonate with them, they become more invested in the event itself. This heightened engagement leads to increased word-of-mouth promotion and organic buzz around the event.

Streamlined Management

Oveit's system isn't just beneficial for attendees; it also simplifies event management. Organizers can effortlessly track and manage addons, making it easy to accommodate changes, update offerings, and ensure a seamless attendee experience. This streamlined approach minimizes administrative stress and allows organizers to focus on other critical aspects of event planning.

Long-Term Relationship Building

Smart tickets and addons extend beyond a single event. By offering addons that include benefits like access to travel and hospitality services, event organizers create an opportunity to build lasting relationships with attendees. Attendees who have positive experiences and memorable stays are more likely to become loyal attendees for future events, driving attendee retention and brand loyalty.

Customer reviews

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Five star event registration rating

"Great app, stellar customer support"

Laura B.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Internet, 11-50 employees

"We have tried several event management systems for the conferences & workshops our NGO organizes (30 to 400 participants per event). We've used even some of the most praised apps out there. Trouble was that none of them was quite up to par with the set of features we needed (website embedding for the event registration form, customer vouchers, mobile app for check-in, payment integration and a couple more). Oveit came as an awesome surprise."

Five star event registration rating

"Excellent service and really easy to integrate"

Peter C.
Information Technology and Services

"The simplicity and customer care of Oveit is fantastic. It is the easiest tool by far for ticketing to integrate to your site."

Five star event registration rating

"Quick uptake and easy customisation, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch !!"

Townson T.
Online ticket sales

"Saved time by not having to assign seats and allowed patrons to choose their seats."