Free event management for theaters
and creative industries

Your job is already complex. Making sure theater plays or other live performances are a success takes a lot of energy and creativity. That’s why we have created Oveit to make your life easier. In just minutes you can have your next generation ticketing system live on your website.

That’s right: your website. Copy and paste a shortcode and you are ready to sell tickets directly on your theater’s website. Even more – with the click of a button you can publish your events directly on Facebook.

We know that if you are reading this you are probably looking for an easy and reliable app that helps you:

  • Publish your events quickly and directly on your website
  • Create your theater’s seating map in minutes
  • Set up different ticket pricing for different seating sections and different dates
  • Offer your most loyal spectators the best pricing options
  • Sell tickets no matter your location (Oveit allows you to sell tickets to plays wherever you are on the planet, in more than 15 currencies)
  • 1

    Register participants on your theater's website

    Allow visitors to register directly on your website by copy-ing and pasting a short embed code.

  • 2

    Choose between invite only and public ticketing

    Easily create invite-only tickets with Oveit or create public events registration

  • 3

    Check in visitors with mobile apps. Add perks and benefits

    Scan visitors in. Add beverages, food, access to special areas or a patron's special benefit.

Easily set up seating maps

Using Seating Designer, our visual seating design tool, you are ready to go live with a personalized seating map, in minutes.

Liked the short preview above?
Here are a few interesting tools you might enjoy with the Seating and Venue Designer:

  • Create an unlimited number of seating maps
  • Set seating maps by event and associate tickets with specific seating sections or even rows
  • Add seating sections, drag and drop them, move them, skew or rotate to fit your theater’s seating map
  • Autosave while you work: Oveit automatically saves your work, while you focus on designing the perfect seating map
  • Copy and adapt seating maps: small changes to seating maps happen all the time so why should you start work again? By copying and modifying seating maps you can start new setups in seconds.
  • Add extra decor to your map to let your spectators understand specific sections in your theater (entrance, stage and others)
  • Add and delete individual rows to create your exact setup
  • Our intelligent auto-numbering system makes it easy to fill in seating numbers by understanding and auto-typing numbering patterns

Use our free mobile apps
to scan tickets at the entrance

Easy and secure access to your play

Tickets can be scanned easily using our Android and iOS apps that work on both smartphones and tablets. It’s easy too - just point the camera at the ticket and the app confirms the ticket authenticity and ticket details such as the spectator’s name.

Check-in data is automatically sent to the server so you are always in the know about who has already arrived and how many spectators you are still expecting.

By connecting multiple mobile apps you can increase the ticket scanning efficiency and allow for a quicker entrance, thus removing access bottlenecks.

Personalized electronic tickets for theaters

Tickets purchased by spectators to your theater play are automatically issued and sent by email. They can present them at the entrance either in a printed form or on their smartphones, tablets or even smartwatches.

You can personalize tickets with a specific background so they convene the play’s most important visual details such as the actors, setting or specific graphics.

The email accompanying the ticket can also be personalized so you can add your personal touch to each interaction with the spectator.

venue seating plan

Theater play management is a team effort

… so Oveit built the support for your team. Invite and allow your team members to access only the areas they specifically need. This way you can set up a great environment where everyone adds his or her effort for a great experience.

You can choose specific roles for your team members, according to their permissions. You can choose from:

  • creating and managing events (including ticketing setup and play information)
  • scanning tickets at the entrance
  • setting up seating designs
  • creating marketing incentives, such as promotional vouchers
  • viewing sales and financial reports and more

Payments flow directly to your account

One more thing: payments go directly to you.

Just connect your PayPal, Stripe or Bank account and every time someone pays, money go straight to your account.

No waiting time, no cash flow nuisances. If you need specific payment processing options, please let us know.