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    Registration and access control

    Manage registration, ticketing and access control for your conference

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    Vendor ecosystems and merchandise

    Create a new revenue stream with vendor ecosystems, prepack merchandise add-ons.

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    Audience engagement

    Set up personalized experiences for visitors, lead collection for partners and more

A great experience starts at registration. That's when we step in.

Your customers start coming in. You need to quickly check their credentials and print their badges. They want to interact with one another and maybe check what's now on the stage. You need a mobile app.

Some of them have perks and benefits. Some have access to special seminars. Some are invite-only guests. How could you manage everything in just one place?

Wait ... there's the vendors. How can you quickly process food and beverages payments? Is it possible to get some report of what's a best seller? Maybe understand purchase trends?

Oh, the sponsors and exhibitors. They're your trusted partners but setting up a simple lead collection system is a nightmare logistically and financially. Could there be a better solution for this?

Yes. It's Oveit.

With us you get a streamlined process from registration, to vendor ecosystems to audience engagement.

Registration and access control

Embed registration on your page

Oveit runs directly on your website or Facebook page. There is no need to point your attendees toward another website. Copy and paste a short code and you are ready to go.

Customize the look and feel of your event

You can customize how the event widget looks and feels. Change colors, fonts, follow up email and even attendee badges or registration tickets.

Connect with existing ticketing solutions

Easily import data from other third party ticketing solutions and benefit from Oveit's benefits. Connect multiple sales channels with an easy to use import feature. For specific ticketing and event management apps we can integrate and import data in real time.

Set up registration forms

Setup your registration forms in seconds. Request text, email, dates, files or multiple options inputs. Create GDPR compliant forms.

Go global with your payments

Receive payments in over 15 currencies. Connect your PayPal, Stripe or Bank account and you are ready to go.

Issue invoices instantly

Oveit helps you issue invoices automatically after payments are processed. No setup needed.

Invite only registration

Set up invite only tickets that can only be accessed via invite codes.

Customize registration emails

Customize the follow up experience for your conference attendees. Make sure your brand stands out in follow up emails, branded tickets or invoices.

Create beautiful conference badges in seconds

It's easy to create customized badges for your visitors. Use data collected with forms, add it to your badge and be ready to send and print attendee badges in seconds. Use QR codes or NFC chips to enable data capture for your exhibitors and partners.
badge design for conferences

Expand your conference with vendor ecosystems and prepacked merchandise

Oveit adds two new revenue channels for you and your conference. The first and most important is the vendor ecosystem. With our solution you can allow visitors to top up wristbands and pay at your vendor partners.

Why use vendor ecosystems and closed loop payments?

With our technology you become your own conference minibank. Closed loop payments is a technology mostly used by festivals but it is now coming to a conference such as yours. With vendor ecosystems you are in control of the payment flow between your visitors and approved vendors. This way you can monetize transactions, get purchase data insights and improve visitor's experience with faster and more pleasant payments.

Vendor ecosystem and cashless payments

Enable local payments infrastructure (vendor ecosystems)

Create new revenue streams from in-event or in-venue purchases

On-board new vendors and allow visitors to buy

Control payment flow between visitors and vendors

Get data insights into purchase habits and visitor behavior

Set up reliable, secure and scalable vendor ecosystems, beyond current reach

Prepack merchandise and addons for your visitors

We are introducing a new way of looking at your event's registrations. Until now the conference ticket would only allow entrance. With our technology you can prepack an unlimited number of benefits and addons. From food to beverages, from conference merchandise to access to special areas, we provide you with a great ability: expand your conference ticket to a digital wallet.

Audience engagement

Enhance your visitor's experience. You can now easily create personalized experiences, treasure hunts and allow your visitors to interact with you and your exhibitors.

Improve visitor experience

Generate new revenue streams by improving your sponsor's interaction

Gamify your conference

Get new insights on your visitors

Personalize experiences through interactive screens and chatbot implementation

Integrate AR and VR experiences in your event