The Romanian Post launches its first digital stamp as NFT!


I am the first NFT of the Romanian Post in the form of a digital stamp and this is the web page specially created for me!

It took me more than 160 years to come to exist in this form!

Let’s get to know each other!

In the world of postal services and in the 160 years of existence of the Romanian Post, the stamp has been a pillar of resistance. My great-grandfathers were in the form of seals cast in heated wax at the courts of the landowners. In turn, my grandparents supported people’s need to communicate in the form of paper. Real works of art were born here, but also real fortunes were kept in vaults. Collectors know why!

The need to move faster and the huge mail volumes also led to the pre-printed stamp, directly on the envelope. So my parents’ generation knew this form as well! Hey, and how many more stamps did they get… This was not a rebuke because they had done something wrong but as a certainty that the recipients would receive their mail!

Time has passed and here we are in the era of high-tech and crypto worlds. Of course, I couldn’t miss it! Don’t get rid of me so quickly! Romanian Post did not abandon me in the corner of ignorance, just as it does not abandon any of the people it serves!

So I said to come to you precisely on a day of great celebration! When the Romanian Post celebrates 160 years since its establishment through the Royal Decree of Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

Let me tell you how to become friends!

We weren’t just created to celebrate our birthday!

I must end up being valuable in time, that’s what I set out to do!

The surprise is that I am not alone! But with my brothers! Yes, I know you’re going to say that there are a lot of us, but it’s no coincidence!

In addition to me, the one speaking to you, there are 159 other NFTs, one for each year of Romanian Post’s existence. The modern history of our country!

That’s why we come to meet you with the thought of doing good!

By purchasing one or more NFTs, the money collected will be directed to the HOSPICE Casa Speranței, based on a partnership with the Romanian Post.

I was born in the first place for a Romanian institution and with a simple click or touch on the phone display, the payment for the purchase of an NFT can be made directly through a bank card!

The HOSPICE Casa Speranței people, who have dedicated their lives to helping those who are going through incurable diseases, will know what to do best with this money because they are PROFESSIONALS. The humanitarian causes supported by them will also have our contribution! The need for financial support is great, and this is because a single day of hospitalization for each bed occupied by the patients cared for here, through special and free programs, costs 160 euros, money that is supported from the funds of this charitable organization.

Now, do you understand why the number 160 unites us? We are 160 NFTs launched on the 160th anniversary of the Romanian Post, for 160 euros, which is the cost of one day of hospitalization for a patient at HOSPICE Casa Speranței.

A limited series of ten NFTs among the 160 will also be the subject of an open auction during a special event organized by the Romanian Post at the Palatul Poștelor, the current Museum of Romanian History. Here will be the official launch of the first virtual stamp of the Romanian Post.

This page is at your disposal to purchase the series of 150 remaining available NFTs of the first digital stamp of the Romanian Post.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital records that can’t be altered or changed. They represent physical or digital assets (basically any item that you can imagine, like a pair of snickers, an event ticket, a song, a video, etc.) and hold proof of the item’s entire history.

Being stored on a blockchain network (ledger) means their authenticity and ownership are secured and can be easily verified. Each digital record can include a small program that acts as a smart contract for future transactions. So the item itself can be programmed to share revenue from future transactions with its creators, initial owners, or even third parties.


The Romanian Post, a traditional and national brand, is the market leader in the postal services sector and serves approximately 19 million Romanians, providing its customers with an extensive network of 5,400 post offices.

Currently, the flagship company of Romanians in the field of postal services is owned by the Romanian state, represented by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization (93.52% of the shareholding) and Fondul Proprietatea (6.48% of the shareholding).

HOSPICE Casa Speranței, a non-profit organization founded in 1992 in Brasov, introduced the concept of palliative care in Romania.

HOSPICE is the largest foundation in Romania, offering free palliative care services. The organization runs two hospitals in Braşov and Bucharest, a socio-medical center in Adunatii Copaceni, as well as mobile teams in Făgăraş and Zărneşti, for the care of patients diagnosed with incurable illnesses. HOSPICE has developed complete palliative care services, offered in day centers, in patient units, and outpatient units, as well as in the patient homes and in partner hospitals. In its 30 years of existence, HOSPICE has brought comfort and hope to approximately 45.000 children and adults suffering from an incurable illnesses.

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