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What is NFC and how can it help you improve your events?

NFC Technology (NFC stands for Near Field Communication) is a form of wireless connectivity that allows two devices placed within 1.6 inches (4 cm) to communicate to each other. It is the same technology used for contactless credit/debit cards.

The advantage of using Oveit is that the NFC wristband is connected to the attendees' tickets (or digital wallets - we store data on multiple layers) and allows them to gain easy access to their balance, perks, data, and access credentials. All with just a tap of the hand.

The absolute best part? Oveit allows you to import tickets sold through other ticketing platforms, so you can still use our NFC technology and benefit from all of its fearures.

People attend your events because you offer them blissful experiences. Go a step further and save them the trouble of carrying separate tickets, cash or tokens.

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No credit card required

How to use our features:
Payments, Customer journey and Engagement

All within one wristband and one app

Cashless payments
Tracking and access management
Interactive screens
Multi-day passes and access credentials
Prepacking additional perks
Treasure hunts

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