Cashless Payments
for Events and Venues

Main Benefits

of using a cashless payments system for events and venues

Increased Revenue

Reports show that attendees tend to spend 15-30% more when a cashless payments system is used.

Reduced Risk

Oveit tech reduces the risk of fraud or loss (cash handling is reduced to a minimum)

Manage vendor ecosystems

With Oveit you can set up your very own vendor ecosystems using closed loop payments. Improve your revenue and easily onboard on-site merchants.

Speeds up purchases & reduces queues

Tap & pay system is 63% faster than cash and 53% faster than classic credit card payment

Data and insights

With Oveit you get access to valuable insights and data. Understand your visitor journey, purchase patterns and preferences.

Experiential marketing

Create wonderful audience engagement campaigns for your festival, your visitors and your sponsors.

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Why use a cashless payments system?

Using a cashless payments system allows you to process payments in a faster, more secure environment. You can easily set up vending points and allow customers to pay with a single tap. With Oveit, there’s no need for expensive hardware: our mobile-first solution allows you to use Android smartphones as Points Of Sale, making the technology available for everyone.
You just need to create an account, set up the payment environment, download the app and you are ready to go. Right away.
Allow your loyal customers to pre-load credit and use it within your business, regardless of the number of locations where you operate. Their digital wallet will make every purchase easy, fast, and secure. Add a customization layer that rewards your returning customers and help your business grow.

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