Hospitality is a people business.
And people seek new experiences.

The hospitality industry is a people business and people always seek new experiences. As the manager of a hotel or resort, you already know that guests are looking for more than just a place to eat and sleep during their holidays. Most of them save up and allocate budgets well in advance to afford the luxury of spending their days off in such places. Even if those experiences mostly occur within the premises of hotels and resorts, it is always a good idea to think outside the box and contribute to the overall journey of your guests. 

Here at Oveit, our dedicated team is all about delivering memorable experiences. Our solution was initially designed for mid-sized to large events and festivals, but we’ve identified that it can have a positive impact on the hospitality industry as well. The purpose of this article is to give a better understanding on how decision makers in hospitality environments can contribute to a simplified purchase behavior and tap into what’s spent outside of lodging using our technology.

The opportunity in hospitality sits outside of lodging. Most visitor expenditures and the best experiences are happening outside the hotel walls.

The Challenge: Creating Enhanced Experiences

Lodging areas are a great opportunity for local businesses to promote and create awareness regarding their available products and services. Tourists that are not familiar with a destination, will either search online for nearby attractions or they will ask the receptionist for recommendations. Most of the time, these experiences are not linked by hotel guests with the actual lodging facility. For this reason, decision makers in hospitality establishments don’t have any hard data related to their guests’ journey and interaction with nearby experiences.

Lodging is just a part of overall tourist spend. To create Enhanced Experiences you have to connect the dots across multiple channels.

The Problem: Access to experiences is fragmented

I bet that you’ve been to a place and you saw written on a big sign: CASH ONLY. It can be quite annoying to face that, especially during a holiday. Maybe you decide to leave that experience behind, since withdrawing cash abroad can be very costly. Access to experiences is fragmented in terms of accepted payment methods. For example, some businesses might only accept cash payments, credit/debit card payments or vouchers and coupons. It is unlikely to find a local vendor that accepts all of these payment options together.

Access to experiences is fragmented.

Our Solution for hotels & resorts

Our solution is perfectly designed to tackle these challenges and add an additional source of revenue for hotels and resorts. This can be achieved by implementing our closed-loop payment solution and by creating strategic partnerships with local private and public vendors (public transportation, city tour guides, restaurants, car rental services, retail etc.). The mighty NFC wristband or card simply becomes a friendly payment tool (digital wallet) and it replaces the traditional room key.

Using a specialized technology you can plug and play an Enhanced Experience Ecosystem

Local businesses keep reaching out to decision makers from lodging facilities, without offering much in return. They expect to have their businesses promoted as a given. With our solution, you can partner up with local vendors and enable your guests to pay or claim experiences that are prepacked at registration. There is no need to hand in paper vouchers and coupons. Instead, the front desk receptionist treats those as ‘prepacked perks’ which are stored inside the NFC chip (wristband or card). Your guest claims it with a simple tap of the wrist.

As everything comes for a price in this life, hotels can add an additional source of revenue and negotiate a return percentage coming from partners sales. To get a better understanding, let’s look at the following scenario. Let’s assume that a hotel creates a partnership with a local museum. That museum is now part of the same closed-loop economy, meaning that hotel guests can purchase goods and services (souvenirs, breakfast at the museum cafe, etc.) with the same NFC wristband or card used to purchase dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

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