Claim your Foodverse NFT

Foodverse NFT tickets are digital assets that will open the doors for immersive #web3 experiences at Gulfood 2023. Claim your token using the registration form below.

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By completing the registration process, you will receive an e-mail with a unique QR code attached and instructions on how to claim your NFT. You don’t have to mint your NFT on the spot. It’s yours to hold forever and it can be easily added to your crypto wallet. We recommend using Gryfyn or Metamask, but there is a wide range of wallets we support. All the needed information is available during the minting process.

But keep your unique QR code close at hand. It is the gateway to the immersive journey that lies ahead. Use it each time you interact with an exhibitor to unlock a thrilling experience.

Claiming your perks

Here are the steps you need
to take to claim your perks

✅ Go to the exhibitor stand
✅ Get your QR code scanned
✅ Claim your Foodverse perk

Each exhibitor means a checkpoint
in your thrilling journey at Foodverse.
And each interaction will showcase
new ways to engage your clients.