Are you planning a festival? Try cashless payments.
No cash. No queues. No worries.
Just fun.

Use NFC technology and offer a high octane experience within your events.
It is fast, secure and transparent.
The NFC chip (integrated in the classic wristband) is a game changer.
Visitors can top-up money, check their balance and pay -
all without queuing, with just a simple tap of the hand.

All in one solution: sell tickets, access control, cashless payments

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Sell your tickets and receive payments instantly. Increase your revenue by using our NFC Cashless payments solution.

Oveit speaks your language:

What is NFC and how you can use it for cashless payments within events?

NFC technology (NFC stands for Near Field Communication) is a form of wireless connectivity that allows two devices placed within 1.6 inches (4 cm) to communicate to each other. It is the same technology used for contactless credit/debit cards. One of its main advantages ,and what makes it perfect for festivals, is that data stored on a passive card/chip is activated using the power of the active device (when in close proximity). So the NFC chip can be integrated into the mighty wristband, the promoter of major events.

Cashless payments for festivals:

Use NFC technology and offer a high octane experience within your events. It is fast, secure and transparent.

The NFC chip (integrated in the classic wristband) is a game changer. Visitors can top-up money, check their balance and pay - all without queueing, with just a simple tap of the hand.

The chip stores all the entry credentials and allows visitors to access their designated areas. If you add perks and benefits to certain ticket categories (yes, Oveit lets you do that) your attendees can claim them with just one tap.

This technology offers access to real time data so you will know at any given moment how many attendees arrived, which areas they prefer and how much they are spending.

People attend our events because you offer them blissful experiences. Go a step further and save them the trouble of carrying separate tickets, cash or tokens.

Your main benefits

We know how much your festival's success means to you. We've built our NFC products with you in mind. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from it:

  • Increased revenues (reports show that attendees tend to spend 15-30% more when a cashless payment system is used)
  • Speeds up purchases & reduces queues (tap & pay system is 63% faster than cash and 53% faster than classic credit card payment, states a report from American Express)
  • Reduces the risk of fraud or loss (cash handling is reduced to a minimum)
  • Accessing financial and sales data
  • Captures all sales and audience insights
  • Control and transparency

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Security and features


We know that safety is a very important aspect when planning an event. You have to comply with different security rules. And so do we. We use SSL certificate to encrypt communications with our server and periodically check out the process to ensure that there are no malfunctions.


Closed or open loop
Age verification
Real-time digital reports
Possibility to offer perks, bonuses, and incentives
Post-event refund management
Balance checking options
Secure payment through Paypal and Stripe integration

Using Oveit NFC features - Cashless payments and engagement

Cashless payments

The NFC chip can be paired with the festival account of your guests (that contains information about access credentials, data from the registration form etc.). Your attendees can then pay for their purchases simply by putting their NFC wristbands in the proximity of the designated readers.

The owed amount will be automatically withdrawn from your guest's account. This is the same technology used for contactless credit cards, so the time needed to process the transaction is under 5 seconds.

You save your guest the trouble of carrying cash of tokens (and losing them) and your cashiers the trouble of handling cash or tokens.

Customized interactive screens:

Interactive screens are highly used for brand activations and are truly fun. But the not-so-fun part is that sometimes it is impossible for you to know who used them. Or, for this to happen, every user must manually input his personal information, a task that takes time.

The NFC technology transfers the needed info with just a tap, saving you attendees time and helping them concentrate on the fun.

It also allows you to personalize the interaction (based on the info you already have from the user, for example the animated character can be the same gender as the user, or the user’s name can appear on the screen, etc), making the interaction even more memorable.

Prepacking additional perks:

If you use addons for your tickets (like free T-Shirts, water, beers etc) attendees can claim them with a simple tap of the hand.

Using android smartphones as NFC readers your team members can see who used the add-ons and who didn't, every piece of information being immediately updated.

Multi-day passes/access credential:

Being connected to your guest's account, the NFC chip lets you know at any given moment which are his access credentials.

A simple tap will show you if access is granted for one or more days (essential information if you hold a multi-day festival) and if access is allowed to a particular area (ex: V.I.P. lounge).

Treasure hunts:

Treasure hunts are another perfect way to engage the audience. But how can we use NFC technology in this case? Each time a contestant reaches a check point he taps the wristband to the indicated NFC receiver and receives another clue.

You will have real time access to each player's progress and also have info about each participant.

It's a perfect match when treasure hunts are used for brand activation and with NFC technology your sponsors will have access to the much-wanted demographics.

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