Venue Seating Plan

What is a seating plan?

A seating plan is a diagram or a set of written or spoken instructions that determines where people should take their seats. It is widely used on diverse occasions. Seating plans have a wide range of purposes.

print screen with the venue seating plan from the Oveit dashboard

Why use it?

At formal events, chaos is the last thing that you want your participants to experience. That’s why we’ve decided to allow our users to be in total control and build a seating map using the graphic editor. Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality, users can easily make edits to seat and stage arrangements. 

As expected, seats within a venue are sold for different prices. With Oveit, ticket categories can be assigned to specific rows and seats from the created seating map. During the checkout process, the venue map becomes available and attendees can choose their favorite spot for the event.

With Oveit, not only that you can easily generate seats and sections, but you can also label them. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, adding a “Tags” option that activates the labels of your map. For more on how to actually use this feature please read this article.