Sell tickets for Cryptocurrencies

Embrace the future of event payments: sell tickets for all major cryptocurrencies and and get paid on the spot

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Why sell tickets for Cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, there are no questions here. More than stay, they are here to have an impact on how business is done. So much, so that it’s expected that the cryptocurrency market will reach over 1.758 USD billion in size. Cryptocurrencies are not just exchanged and kept, but also used by more and more businesses and individuals. Having this in mind and knowing how much innovation is in the event management industry, we knew that we need a payment gateway that allows our partners to sell tickets for cryptocurrency.

Our event registration software allows users to use one or more payment processors. This way, your clients have the option to select the payment method that suits their needs. You can activate payment gateways that process card and virtual wallet payments, in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. You can allow users to pay by bank transfer as well. Having multiple payment methods accepted makes the registration process flawless, but it’s also a way to ensure users that their data is processed in a safe environment, and verified from multiple sources.

Using our network of payment processing partners, you will receive payments instantly after each order. Our partners operate a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and have multiple services that allow you to store and exchange cryptocurrencies. Or even to issue a card that’s connected to your wallet.

More and more popular

Selling event tickets for cryptocurrencies is gaining ground. And while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more popular among people, more and more will use them in exchange for goods and services. After all, they need to serve their purpose. The event management industry was always the playground of innovators and trendsetters, this is why we are confident that using cryptocurrencies to buy and sell event tickets will be fully embraced by our partners.