Ticket add-ons for events

Create better experiences for your community with the help of ticket add-ons

NFT tickets addons

What are ticket add-ons useful for?

Ticket add-ons are allowing your attendees to create personal experiences and store all the benefits into one QR code. They come on top of the initial access credentials and can take different forms: different content tracks, special access credentials, merchandise, or even beverages and food, everything can be purchased, stored on top of the event ticket, and claimed with a simple scan.

With the ticket addons, we add a special dimension to visitors’ identity at events – the ownership of goods and services. They don’t need to carry anything with them, as long as they’ve purchased the right addons.

These can be products such as food and beverages, access to experiences, or sub-events. Alternatively, addons can also work as the event’s digital currency, allowing all sorts of interactions that are limited by your imagination.

What if you want to include a beer with every ticket you sell? Or add a t-shirt? How about a well-tailored experience that guides a couple to a special seminar, a cruise line, two drinks, and a romantic dinner in two? It doesn’t seem very easy if you have to hand out 10 tickets just for this. But there’s a better way of looking at the problem.

Different ticket addons for different experiences

Scenarios like these are the reason we started redesigning the concept of how access to experiences and goods work, starting with the ticket. We think of the addon as something (good, service, or whatever else) that comes on top of your right to access an event or venue. With Oveit, you have the option to include bundle and unbundled addons. A bundled ticket addon is included in the final price of a ticket price. On the other hand, we treat unbundled addons as extras.

It is an addon that might or might not be attached to a ticket.  Visitors are in total control and they can configure their own personal experiences by choosing the goods and services they want to have access to. These unbundled addons can be offered at no cost, or you can price them accordingly. The real-life application of this feature can go far beyond your imagination. Visitors can finally pay for what they truly want, increasing their satisfaction and experience.