NFC / RFID Wristbands for festivals

Create a cashless payment system for your festival with NFC / RFID wristbands

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NFC / RFID wristbands for cashless payment systems

Manage your entire festival with (NFC) RFID festival wristbands. Oveit helps you to easily onboard new vendors, set up top-up points, and drive engagement. Allow your attendees to use the festival wristband as their festival digital wallet.

A festival cashless payment system enabled by RFID wristbands is fast, fun, and secure. Save your attendees from the burden of carrying cash or plastic tokens. Transform the RFID festival wristband into a powerful digital wallet.


RFID Wristbands for Festivals - Video Presentation
NFC / RFID wristbands for festivals - extending your experience

Addons and extra perks

Let your attendees create their own experience. With our powerful tool, you can sell tickets customized for your attendees' desires. Nonfungible addons can be loaded into your customers' experience, like a festival t-shirt, VIP access, or anything that comes into your mind. The same powerful RFID wristband for festival will be used to claim these perks.

Access control

The NFC festival wristband acts as a digital wallet and can also store the attendees’ access credentials. Create a flawless check-in process to verify access credentials - within the festival or particular areas - with a simple tap.

Experiential marketing

Allow sponsor and attendees to easily share their information through the use of the same beloved RFID wristband for festivals. A simple tap of the hand is enough to share personal data, enter brand activation experiences, or register for fun onsite raffles.

Get total control with RFID wristbands

Oveit Pay is designed for festivals and venues that are looking to create a thriving economy for their communities. Our solution allows you to manage payment, access credentials, and engagement with the help of custom festival wristbands. Backed up by our proprietary technology, of course. 

Your festival will be backed up by a hybrid payment ecosystem and payments are still processed even if the internet connection is lost. We call it Edge Payments. Data is processed locally, requiring less computational power, and is synchronized once the internet connection is reestablished. 

Let your attendees control their overall experience with a simple tap of their RFID festival wristband.

Main benefits of using NFC / RFID wristbands for festivals

Faster lines

The “tap and pay” system is 63% faster than cash transactions and 53% faster than traditional card transactions, allowing a better attendee flow. Long waiting lines are the main pain point among festival goes and implementing a cashless payment system based on RFID wristbands will solve (most) of this issue.

Increase revenue

A faster payment system will process more transactions. Besides the operational factor, spending is increased by the emotional factor; fast-moving lines will encourage your attendees to buy more often, reports showing that a cashless payment system can bring up to 30% more in on-site spending.

Get paid instantly
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Safer environment

Fraud and theft are common concerns for festival-goers. By using a cashless payment system these two problems are drastically reduced, helping you to create a safe environment for your attendees. It’s also safer from a health perspective, enabling touchless payments within your festival.

Frequently asked questions

What are RFID festival wristbands made of?

There are several materials from which RFID wristbands for festivals are made of, but the most common ones are made out of woven fabrics and have an NFC plastic chip attached. The wristband itself is extremely resistant and has a special closing mechanism, thus ensuring that attendees do not lose it. The NFC chips are waterproofed, allowing them to be used throughout the entire festival.


What is the difference between NFC and RFID wristbands for festivals(and technology)

NFC (near-field communication) is a subset of RFID technology. It’s a form of wireless connectivity that allows two devices placed within 1.5 inches (or around 4 cm) to communicate with each other. While RFID-enabled devices can communicate to ranges up to 100 meters (or even more) and can be used for different activities, the NFC protocol is used for payments.


How do RFID wristbands for festivals work?

The magic stands in the NFC chip. With our cashless payment system, the chip becomes a digital wallet gateway. Each time the wristband is tapped, the system checks the digital account associated with this event wristband and operates the required action. Not to worry – this digital walled is automatically created by the system and it’s backed up by a distributed ledgers system. Thus making it impossible for someone to access it without the actual NFC chip.


Do you provide personalized festival wristbands?

Not only that we can provide personalized festival wristbands, but we encourage all our partners to personalize them. This option represents an important new revenue stream for festivals, as sponsors are looking to be present in front of your audience.


How to make copies of RFID festival wristbands?

Unfortunately for fraudsters, our NFC/RFID festival wristbands cannot be copied. We do not store any personal or financial information on the chip itself and any duplication attempts/system anomalies are immediately flagged by our anti-fraud parameters.

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