Event registration Forms

Each time a participant places an order, our system will automatically collect the billing information. We collect the information, issue and deliver the invoice, and aggregate all this billing information into readable reports. But what if you want more than just billing information? What if you want to learn more about people attending your events? This is the part where event registration forms show their true power. 

What are the most common fields for event registration forms? 


  • Text field. Used to collect short information, like the name of the attendee, employer, job title, or phone number.
  • Multi-line text field. Used for answering questions asked by the event organized.
  • E-mail address. Used to collect email addresses from the attendees and also to verify the format of the information.
  • Date. Used when the answer to a specific question needs to have a valid date format.
  • Dropdown list. Used to collect feedback for questions with predefined answers. Commonly used to collect information regarding the interest of the attendees for content sessions.
  • File upload. Used to verify eligibility for registration sessions. Attendees need to upload specific documents that validate their eligibility.
  • Checkbox. Used, in general, to ask for further communication consent.
Event registration forms

Know your attendees

You can use this feature to grow your database. But please make sure that you ask for their consent if you plan to send future marketing emails. Want to better understand their demographics? Set up registration fields for age groups, location, or even education.

Are your visitors part of middle management teams of large corporations or local entrepreneurs? This type of information is crucial for further communication, set-up, tone of voice, or building successful partnerships. By using a smart event registration software you can easily collect the data. 

Learn how to set up registration forms with Oveit.

Registration forms are included in our free event registration software package.