Payment Gateways

What is a payment gateway?

The payment gateway is a third-party solution that authorizes electronic payments. It captures and transfers payment data between customers and the merchant’s bank account, working as a middle man.

How does it work?

We don’t go into technical details, but once the customer has decided to attend your event and has filled the registration form, there’s just one more step before actually receiving the access code(s) for the event: the payment confirmation. To make sure that:

  1. Credit information is processed safely
  2. Money goes straight into your account

We have implemented multiple payment gateways, provided by some of the world’s best. When somebody decides to place the order, the card and payment information need to be securely stored and communicated. Here is where our partners jump in: they collect the data and send it to the bank that issued the debit or credit card. If the issuing bank confirms the transaction, the payment gateway receives the message and sends it forward to our platform. We then know that the tickets can be issued for the client. Further on, the payment gateway works alongside the other parties and transfers the financial information. 

With Oveit, your clients’ credit information is always safe, processed by verified payment processors. We do not handle or store credit information throughout the process.

Payment gateways with Oveit

PayPal. One of the first digital payment methods, PayPal allows customers to pay using credit and debit cards or their PayPal account balance. PayPal is available in 96 countries and supports 24 (fiat) currencies,

Stripe was designed for electronic payments and offers a seamless experience for the end-users. Besides classic credit and debit card payments, Stripe offers support for other payment methods – like iDeal, Alipay, or ACH. Stripe supports over 135 currencies and is available for business in 42 countries. All while accepting payments from anywhere in the world.

CallPay is a South African company that focuses on digital payment solutions. With our integration, funds go straight into your CallPay account, just like for the other Payment Processors available for your event registration account.