Mobile Check-in Apps

electronic ticket scanned by a mobile app

Our event registration software gives you access to free IOS and Android mobile check-in apps designed to easily check-in attendees for in-person events. With this feature, there is no need for third party, expensive hardware, event planners were used to. Just download the app into your day-to-day smartphone, log-in, scan attendees and check them in.

Oveit’s Mobile Checkin Apps

It’s crucial to have a fast check-in process. For part of your audience, this is their first in-person interaction with you and your staff. Just make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you have downloaded the mobile check-in apps from App Store and Google Play.

It’s very important to see who attended your event and who didn’t. By checking in the attendees (the process is very straight forward), you will have access to detailed reports. This way, you can adapt your after-event follow up message based on this information. 

Thank the ones that showed up and ask for their feedback. Find out what they really loved and where you should focus more.

Try to find out why some of your guests didn’t make it to the event. Maybe you can offer them discounts for future events or access to recorded content. They are part of your community now and although they couldn’t make it this time they can take part in future experiences.

This customized communication is highly recommended and will definitely be appreciated by the community. The mobile check-in apps also allow you easily see what addons have your attendees repacked onto their tickets. With the addon feature, guests can opt for a customized experience, adding goods or services onto their e-tickets. You can check these addons by simply scanning the tickets, each extra benefit (addon) having its own check-in option.

Learn more about the addons feature.

Mobile check-in apps are included in our Free Plan.