Import lists of attendees

There are many reasons for which you might decide to import a list of attendees into an event registration software. Maybe you have an external registration page or you’ve decided to keep track of those attending manually the old-fashioned way. For a seamless and automated process, the import function enables organizers to focus on what really matters, which is the day of the event. With Oveit, you can import thousand of attendees with just a few clicks of the button. Have tickets generated by multiple ticketing solutions? Import them all into Oveit and use the same scanning app for all. You can use the same feature to generate QR codes for lists of attendees – without asking them to register one more time. 

Import attendees with Oveit

Importing a list of attendees on our event registration software shouldn’t take more than five minutes. As soon as you import attendees for the first time, watch out because the process can get fun and satisfying. Thousands of attendees can be professionally managed and looked after thanks to Oveit’s automated features. For that, all you have to do is store the attendee data in any of the following formats: .xls, .xlsx, .csv. The only mandatory fields to import attendees are the ticket code and the ticket category. Once you select the file, simply press the ‘Import’ option and let us take care of the rest. 

This function is most often used to provide attendees with electronic tickets on their email addresses. Besides that, event staff can nicely check them in by downloading the Oveit App and by scanning the QR code which is to be found on each ticket. The list goes on and the benefits of the import function could go a lot further.