Event Wallet

What is an event wallet?

The event wallet, a digital wallet, allows attendees to upload credit and make electronic payments within a local, closed-loop payment system. It’s part of the digital economy that serves an event or venue.

With Oveit Pay, our cashless payment for events and venues, you can benefit from a customized event wallet. The wallet can be integrated into your event app, allowing attendees to top-up credit as often and as much as they like.

Why do attendees love event wallets?


They can use the same payment method (e.g. event wristband) for all services and activities within the event. At the same time, they don’t need to carry plastic tokens or calculate how many of them they need for  7 beers, 3 hamburgers, and 2 long drinks.

It's always on!

Imagine waiting in line for several minutes before remembering that your friend has your wallet…not fun, right? With an NFC wristband, this never happens.

It's safe!

It’s almost impossible to lose the event wristband. But if this happens, they can replace it without losing their money or addons. At the same time, they don’t need to carry cash or cards with them, dramatically reducing the risk of losing them while partying.

It's cool!

Instantly paying with a tap of your hand make you feel like a superhero!

Event wallet within live experiences

The event wallet, the centerpiece of any cashless payment ecosystem, has the power to fully change the whole attendee experience. There are many reasons for which we attend events and festivals, yet we can reduce the whole experience to just one: having fun. For one or multiple days, we want to forget about our problems and our worries, and just spend some quality time with our friends and family while listening to good music. To eat and drink what we want, when we want. To totally disconnect from day-to-day responsibilities. 

Long lines. Having to use different payment methods for different vendors. Waiting for your change. Carrying lots of plastic tokens. Losing your access ticket. Losing your money or your wallet. So many things that can stop us from having a good time, right? Well, this is where the event wallet comes in handy. 

The event wallet electronically stores your attendees’ money, access credentials, and extra benefits(addons) in a safe environment. While being just a tap of a hand away. When they arrive on-site, a wristband is paired with their ticket (with Oveit, the ticket works like a digital account) and becomes the only thing that they need to use to access their assets. If credit was added before the event, they can start paying right away. If not, they can go to a top-up point and add it, or use a mobile app and add credit into the wallet. Either way, from that moment on, there will be no need for them to use their physical wallets or show their tickets. 

The powerful tap of the hand

The top-up points would be the only place where attendees need (if they prefer to, it’s optional) to pay with cash. Once the value is added to their event wallet, they will simply tap their hand to pay. The system will then access their digital account (information is not written on the wristband, making the system very safe) and process the payment. 

Claiming the t-shirt bought before the event? A simple tap of the hand.

Accessing the VIP lounge they bought access to? Yes, a simple tap of the hand and they are in. 

The event wallet changes the whole attendee experience not because it safely stores all the information in one place, but because it’s incredibly simple to use. Any inconveniences related to carrying things around and taking care of them becomes a thing of the past. It’s a simple wristband, securely connected to their hand, that has just one purpose: to allow them to live the moment. And it’s doing its part!