Event Vendors

Man in front of a food truck

What is an event vendor?

An event vendor is an individual or company that sells products or services within a live event or festival. In general, they sell food, beverage, merchandise, or access to fun activities. When creating a cashless payments ecosystem it’s important to have an easy onboarding process for your vendors.

Event vendor for cashless payments

With the help of Oveit Pay,  organizers can easily set up cashless payments for events and festivals. The technology is used to create a closed-loop payment ecosystem, where attendees pay with a simple tap of the hand. The solution is based on NFC technology, allowing attendees to add credit into a digital account and pay using their festival wristband, card, or badge.

Event vendors can easily onboard the cashless payment system. The set-up is as easy as it gets. allowing them to create menus and keep track of their performance.

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    print screen from Oveit - event vendor dashboard

    Creating a menu

    Before the event, event vendors easily create their menus on the Oveit website. Each vendor has it's own access credentials

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    Oveit Pay app - list of products for a vendor account

    Activating the Point of Sale

    At the first log in with Oveit Pay, the menu is automatically downloaded into the the Android device.

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    shopping cart step with event vendor account in Oveit Pay p

    Selling Products

    During the event, the cashless payment solution allows the event vendors to easily sell products

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    Live Reports

    Live Reports allow vendors to check not just the total income, but the most sold products as well.

Oveit Pay’s event vendor account
All data in one place

Using a cashless payment system within your events will help your vendors not only serve attendees faster but also have a better overview of their sales and products. Although this is a payment system, not a stock management solution, the number of products sold from each category can be checked at any given moment, with just a few clicks of a button.