Event Top-up Points

What are event top-up points?

Event top-up points (or kiosks) are physical or digital interaction points that attendees use to add credit into their event wallet. They can pay with either cash or card, and the amount is instantly added to their virtual balance. From that point on, they can use the same cashless payment method (event wristband, NFC card, biometrics, etc.) with all vendors within the event.

Online and physical event top-up points

When setting up a cashless payment system, event top-up points play a critical role and making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Even if you allow attendees to add credit into a digital balance using a mobile app (a solution that we always recommend), there are at least 2 reasons for which you should also run physical top-up points:

Firstly, some attendees may want to add credit to their event wallet by paying cash. In this case, the mobile app will not be able to help them. By having top-up points you can make sure that those traveling with cash can easily add credit and spend it within the location.

Secondly, at large events and festivals, the chances of having internet issues are more than likely. Wi-fi or mobile data, we’ve seen it quite a few times. Having top-up points that accept card payment will take the heat while the internet is down. 

Using them at events

Event top-up points are also used as activation points for the digital wallets. As attendees arrive, go to top-up points to pair their tickets (that work as digital accounts and can store personal information, access credentials, pre-event added funds, and more) with the event’s smart wristband. From that point on, a simple tap of the hand will allow them to pay with every business on-site.

Allowing attendees to top-up credit using the mobile app is something that we encourage you to do. This way, each mobile phone becomes a self-service top-up point for attendees as they can add credit, withdraw it, check their balance, or purchase predefined goods or services. But physical top-up points are always needed.

With Oveit Pay, you have a special user with Top-up credentials that can be used to:

  • add and withdraw credit; allowing you to keep track separately for cash and card transactions
  • scan and pair; can scan the ticket and pair it with an NFC tag
  • activate and check-in addons