Event Direct Payments

We have integrated the world’s most secure payment processors, allowing our users to benefit from an event direct payments feature. So each time a customer places an order, the money will go straight into your account. Why? Because we know how important cash flow is, and we want you to benefit from your income, no matter if they buy the tickets 10 days or 10 months prior to the event.

Based on your subscription plan, your account supports a variety of payment processors. PayPal, Stripe, iDeal, Crypto.com, CallPay, or event Bank Transfers, all can be activated and work as a direct payment option. No coding is required when connecting it, we’ve made it as simple as possible. You create your account, activate your payment processors, publish your event, and start receiving money. It’s that simple. 

The payment Processors your customers to pay using credit or debit cards, no prior account within the solution is required for your visitor. All of their financial information is processed with the platforms, in a secured environment. We do not process nor store credit information. All needed information is processed by the authorized payment processors. Because money goes straight into your account, refunds will be processed from your payment processor’s account. After the refund, use  Oveit to cancel the tickets and automatically issue a refund invoice. 

Bank Transfers for Event Direct Payments

With Bank Transfers, things are slightly different. Once the order is placed, the customer will need to transfer money into your bank account. And to make sure this happens, the system will keep the order as “pending” until you confirm that the transfer was processed. After that, you just need to move the Order to “Completed” status and the system will take care of the rest. 

P.s. to make things easier, Oveit will tell you if an order was processed through a payment processor or a bank transfer. You will find this information under “Payment method”.

payment processors through which Oveit activates the direct debit feature