Event Badges

Why use event badges?

Custom event badges create a unique experience for your participants. It is a great way to break the ice between attendees, since personal information, such as name, company, and job role is usually included. Based on the event’s goal, these badges are utilized for two main reasons: networking & access. 

You might think that conference & event badges are not that important after all. However, these small plastic items are usually your attendee’s first interaction with your event. The information included should be carefully selected to provide the attendees with valuable information. Its overall design should look neat. With Oveit, you can easily create and customize event badges as you want, in four standard formats. You can even set up the system to automatically send out badges once somebody registers for your event. Or you can use it to print badges on site. It’s up to you.

How to create personalized event badges using Oveit?

  • While setting up your event, simply choose the ticket type you want to associate with each badge. You can choose to link a badge type with a specific ticket category or have a badge for ‘All tickets’.
  • Next, choose one out of four standard badge sizes and formats. We’ve selected the ones that are usually used for most of the major events.
  • The last step (and the most important one) lets you configure the badge as you please. Here you can upload a background and include sponsor information, logos, venue map, or basically anything that can be relevant for those attending. If you have multiple ticket categories with add-ons included, you can easily check them on-site by activating the QR code on the badge. With our mobile app, event staff simply scan a QR code and checks if an item was already claimed or not. 
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