Sell Electronic Tickets for Events and Conferences

Use etickets to allow your visitors to enter your event without having a physical ticket. Easily manage access control with our free mobile scanning tools.

What is an electronic ticket?

The electronic ticket, commonly known as an e-ticket, is the digital representation of the classic paper ticket. It comes in many forms but it’s usually a QR or bar code, stored on a printable PDF or image file, as well as a wallet item that can be stored on your mobile phone. Event management systems generate e-tickets after a ticket purchase is finalized online or at the box office. One of the key aspects of electronic tickets is they can be used without needing to print them on paper. For the events industry, e-Tickets are now the most common event registration solution.

This is where it all starts. You will have access to our event registration software, allowing customers to register for your experiences with just a few clicks of a button. With Oveit, e-Tickets will be automatically sent to their email addresses, attached to a fully customizable follow-up email. 

e-Ticketing is the best way to support registration for your free or paid events, regardless of how you plan to deliver the experience: in-person or online. From the comfort of their homes, future guests will easily register, pay, and receive their tickets and all the needed information. We’ve optimized the experience for all devices, with a focus on mobiles, making the registration as flawless as possible.

Each ticket consists of a unique QR code and is delivered in both .pdf and .png format and ready to be digitally scanned. This way, there’s no need for the attendees to print the tickets on paper because our system can easily scan e-tickets. If you are hosting a virtual event, access codes are embedded in the follow-up email.

Take full control of electronic tickets

You have full control over how to create tickets and how to use them at your events. The system marks every check-in, meaning a ticket cannot be used more than once. Unless you decide so.

At the end of the event, you see exactly when and who checked in. This way,  you can better prepare for your future events.

When you are planning your marketing and event registration, it helps sales to create special offers for special groups. You can get creative with our vouchers by generating or importing voucher codes. The codes can be percentage-based or fixed value and they can be applied to all events you are planning or just a specific one. This way,  they can even be used for a specific ticket, within a specific event.

Electronic tickets are part of our Free Plan.

Furthermore, Oveit generates electronic tickets as smart tickets that can be easily added to an iOS or Android wallet, making sure your guests will never lose them. And if you are looking to deliver a truly outstanding experience, we recommend you to try NFT ticketing.