Discount Vouchers for Events

What is a discount voucher?

Discount vouchers or codes are incentives that reduce the total price of an order. When applied, they take a given percentage(e.g. 20%) or amount (e.g. $25) of a customer’s total order. Common, yet not limited to, the retail and event management industries.

image showing the percent sign as related to discount vouchers

From the data that we have collected, we have noticed that Discount Vouchers are used for more than 90% of events. And it’s easy to understand why: we all have partners, suppliers, or sponsors for which we create special offers. But at the same time, in order not to alter the data, we want them to follow the standard registration process. This is where our Vouchers option comes in handy, allowing people to follow the standard registration process but at the same time to benefit from your special offers.

Discount Vouchers with Oveit

With Oveit, you can set up vouchers that are percentage or amount based. So, when offering a discount, you can choose if a voucher cuts 80% from the price of the ticket; or just $27.5. Or any other percentage or amount. You can select if a specific discount applies to any of your events, or just for a specific one. Or you can go in more depth and select the exact ticket category for which it applies. And its validity period.

Once you have set up the ground rules for the vouchers, you can create, generate, or import discount codes. This will allow you to have an exact understanding of how the codes are used. Each individual code can have as many uses as you would like. Or unlimited uses. 

Using Discount Vouchers for your event will not only allow you to create customized offers for partners, sponsors, or custom campaigns. It will also help to keep an exact track of how these discounts are used and how your campaigns are performing.

Discount vouchers are included in our Free Plan.

P.s. Here is a short tutorial on how to generate them with Oveit.

discount vouchers feature from Oveit